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Travel Channel's new show- Descending starts Tonight

Here's a trailer of the new diving show, Descending, hosted by Ellis Emmett, premiering tonight on the Travel Channel. 

Breaking Bad is BACK!!!

Fans of Walter White rejoice: He's Back! M-Net Series Showcase acquired the show a few days ago and has announced that they will be showing the second part of the fifth season from Sunday. This is the final season.
The now iconic drama series, which stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, has become one of the most popular drama's and a cult classic.
Breaking Bad is about Walter White, a struggling high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with an inoperable lung cancer at the beginning of the series. 
Facing a prospect of financial ruin, he turns to a life of crime, as he produces and sells Crystal Meth with one of his former students, Jesse Pinkman, played brilliantly by Aaron Paul. 
The show boasts many celebrity fans, include Rihanna, who posted an image on Instagram about needing to catch up with the series.
Breaking Bad has won seven Primetime Emmy Awards—including three consecutive wins for Best Actor for Cranston, two wins for Best Supporting Actor for Paul, and four nominations for Outstanding Drama Series.
Cranston and Paul are nominated for Best and Supporting actor Emmy Awards this year and Cranston is a firm favourite to win.
The show will air on Sunday on M-Net Series Showcase at 10.30pm



Was Sade Giliberti replaced BEFORE she got the MTV job?

Change is good, but sometimes change is really not good, especially when it's not handled in a professional way. 
Last week on So You Think You Can Dance's Facebook Page, there was a little bit of drama when it emerged that whoever was updating the page had misled fans of the show. 
When fans asked why Sade Giliberti had been replaced with Sinazo Yolwa, SYTYCD apparently said it's because of Sade will be hosting MTV's new show, MTV Choice. We ran with this in yesterday's TV Snitch, however after going to print, we were alerted to the Facebook Page and the discussions that were taking place on the page.
Sade and former judge, Didi Moses, called out SYTYCD for misinforming the public about the casting. 

Here are the Facebook Comments- (The original comment from SYTYCD was removed from the page)
Sade Giliberti
Can I comment and say that's not true? MTV came after I found out I wasn't going to be hosting SYTYCD this year. HUGE congratulations to Sinazo, I know she'll kill it! :)) #RockIt!

Didi Moses
 Sade was available when the selection of judges & host were made for Season 3. Why are you telling the fans lies? Congratulations to Sade for getting the MTV gig. Knew there would be something fabulous in store for her! Well done Sadie!

Jeffeynore Candice Jordaan Huli har not cool to lie to fans hey SYTYCD SA! Congrats Sade. Thanks Didi Moses
12 August at 17:15 via mobile · Like · 1

Didi Moses You're welcome Jeffeynore! Truth MUST be told!

So You Think You Can Dance - South Africa (Official Page)
Hi everyone, we apologise for the confusion surrounding the appointment of Sinazo as the new presenter of #SYTYCD_ZA. We are very sad to see the lovely Sade Giliberti go, but a decision was made to change things up this season and we are looking forward to welcoming Sinazo to the team. We also wish Sade all the best in her exciting new adventure!
12 August at 19:47 · Like · 1

Mfumo Bamuza: There is no confusion nex here! Why anywhere in that comment don't you speak about Didi? and dropping her? And her finding out via twitter? I wonder who is administrating this page, cause I can tell he/she is being told what to comment by the big bosses!
13 August at 02:47 · Like

Enricho Richenzo Solomons: I read something from Sadé's page saying that sytycd sa is fabricating the truth. What is the real truth plesse people?

Enricho Richenzo Solomons
Sade Giliberti - TV Personality It's even more heartbreaking that SYTYCD SA is using my new MTV gig as the excuse to why I am not hosting this years season, by telling the public that I was unavailable. Fact is that is not true, the decision to get a new host happened way before my new gig. I just wish they wouldn't lie. Rather say nothing if you're going to fabricate the truth and use me as your scapegoat. Anyways - I couldn't be happier. I'm a VJ on the coolest channel in the WORLD and I can be myself 100% Everything happens for a reason! 


Is Fox TV Studio's NOT making Hillary Clinton Mini-Series for NBC anymore?

There's been drama brewing every since NBC announced their plans to flight a four part mini-series about Hillary Clinton.
At the Summer TCA a few weeks ago, the peacock channel's head of entertainment, Bob Greenblatt announced that they've cast Diane Lane as the former US First Lady and Secretary of State.
The Republican Party basically kicked up a fuss and alleged that NBC was giving Clinton preferential treatment in the possibility that she may run for the 2016 elections.
The Republicans have threatened to not allow CNN and NBC to screen their lucrative debates, come to run up to the 2016 elections.
According to The Hollywood Reporter;
"The Republican National Committee voted Friday to ban NBC and CNN from hosting 2016 primary debates over concern that projects in the works might glorify Clinton. (CNN is planning a documentary about the former first lady and secretary of state.)"
The mini-series, which is still in the early stages of development,  has apparently caused some internal strife at the network. The Hollywood Reporter reported that NBC's White House correspondent, Chuck Todd and others have raised concern that the drama could damage the news division's reputation.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Bob Greenblatt said: "The Hillary Clinton movie has not been ordered to production, only a script is being written at this time. It is 'in development', the first stage of any television series or movie, many of which never go to production. Speculation, demands, and declarations pertaining to something that isn't created or produced yet seem premature."

Wouldn't it be interesting if one of the local TV channels produces a four part mini-series on the lives of our politicians who may be running for the 2014 elections? It's strange that it hasn't been done yet.

I hope the Republicans realise that if NBC doesn't carry on with the development of this mini-series, then a cable channel will be the way to go. So how's about it HBO, Lifetime and Showtime?

Top Billing's Birthday Celebrations

Every month should be a Top Billing birthday month! The SABC 3 lifestyle show is currently celebrating 21 years on air! So to celebrate with their viewers, they are giving away "one of the most valuable prizes ever given away on South African national television."

In the press release, which was released by SABC 3 earlier today, Top Billing is giving away a dream home worth over five million rand plus a luxury car worth over R700 000.

This is an amazing prize and fans of the show stand a chance of winning if they tune into the show and entering the competition, which will be flighted during the programme.

Top Billing is on SABC 3, Thursdays at 8.30pm

Kevin Spacey talks the Emmy Awards Stephen Colbert

Hopefully we'll get to this interview on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central! Emmy season is really on and Kevin Spacey is one of the favourites to win Best Actor for his role on Netflix's House of Cards.  
He was on Stephen Colbert's show to talk about the Emmy's, his role and how odd that he's nominated for a TV award for a show that's on the internet. 
Video: YouTube 


MTVBase VJ Search Premieres Tonight

The second season of the MTV Base VJ Search premieres tonight on MTV Base at 5pm. The show aims to find its next VJ. Durban is the first stop and we'll get to see whether the KZN contestants impressed or not. 
The Durban leg of the competition was judge by Sizwe Dhlomo, Joey Rasdien and Gagasi99.5FM DJ, Zookey Zarling. 
The show will be hosted by former VJ search winner Nomuzi Mabena, with her typical brio and light-hearted enthusiasm, meeting with some of the hundreds of young hopefuls who turn out at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Umhlanga for the auditions, including  twins Pretty and Precious, the zany “Consultant” and ambitious model and radio presenter Wandile Chamane.
Tune in on DStv Channel 322 at 5pm to see what went down. 

Strictly Come Dancing Episode 6: How They Rank

It was a pretty dull episode and as Tebogo kept saying, she expects MORE from the contestants, especially since it's now the sixth week of the show. I agree with her. This episode was rather disappointing, even the top two disappointing me this week. Here is how they rank this week.

Lalla & Grant
Grade: B++

They should probably get an A. But they are not. I've seen how competitive Lalla and Grant are and I don't think they take kindly to criticism. Maybe it's because they are perfectionists. So since they are perfectionists, I really didn't connect with their dance this week. The Viennese Waltz is a very difficult, sometimes boring dance and since they just keep going in circles, you quickly lose interest. They were beautiful to watch, let's be fair, but I'm expecting more from them. That lift was not enough. Lalla has so much zest and chutzpah and I want to see it more on the dance floor. They got 24 from the judges and are leaders on the dance board. 

Zakeeya & Ryan
Grade: B

The biggest disappointment just had to be these two. And dancing the Jive, they really could've gone big and stunned us all. The Jive is not easy, I know and with having to deal with the technical rules of it, makes it even tougher. But Ryan and Zakeeya are excellent together and they could've done really well. Like the judges said, the technique let them down and it showed. They weren't as comfortable and as confident on the dance floor as the previous weeks. Maybe they needed this as I believe that they will come back with a BANG and deliver the goods next week. It was admirable when Ryan defended his partner, blaming the choreography and that was nice of him. I like this new Ryan. He's become a great choreographer and I will not be surprised if he and Zakeeya win. 

Biggest Surprises

Mpho & Nombulelo

Sometimes the song choice is all a couple needs to perform well. Mpho and Nombulelo chose a Malini song and my word, I was stomping my feet to it! They danced the Cha-Cha and they had so much fun, it was refreshing to see Nombulelo smiling. Mpho tried his best and even though the technical stuff got to him hard, they still gave an entertaining performance. Nombulelo is an excellent dancer! 

  • I still need to see more from Lindsey & Graeme. They surely have so much more to give us, especially since Lindsey is such a talented dancer. I'm still firmly behind them to give Lalla& Grant; Ryan & Zakeeya competition. 
  • Jay & Tsholo; Thapelo & Hayley have also not realised their full potential. And there's so much potential there. So here's hoping that they wow us next week! 
Tune into Strictly Come Dancing, Wednesdays on SABC 3 at 8pm. 


kykNET speards its wings to the United Kingdom

This is certainly going to make the many South African's in the UK happy- DStv's kykNET is going to the UK. We just received a press release from M-Net's Lani Lombard about this development. 

*** Press Release***
kykNET spreads its wings to the UK
Expats get access to Afrikaans television on TV service TalkTalk

M-Net’s powerhouse Afrikaans brand kykNET is venturing into new territory. Afrikaans-speaking South Africans in the UK, who have been craving television programming in their mother-tongue, can now enjoy two kykNET channels on the television service TalkTalk.
 These two channels - kykNET and kykNET Musiek - have been added to the range of language-specific channels from all over the world provided to TalkTalk by THEMA, a company that aggregates the best TV content for diaspora communities.   

According to M-Net’s Director of Afrikaans channels, Karen Meiring, kykNET’s move into the UK is the next logical step for this hugely popular brand: “Over the years, we have received thousands of requests to expand kykNET’s footprint.  Taking kykNET to the UK is testimony to the fact that we are sensitive to the needs of our audiences and potential audiences – no matter where they are. With the assistance of THEMA and TalkTalk, kykNET is turning into a citizen of the world – and this is just the beginning.”

The kykNET UK channel allows TalkTalk subscribers to experience the variety of programmestheir South African friends and family are raving about, while kykNET Musiek showcases the biggest contemporary music stars, such as Laurika Rauch, Steve Hofmeyr, Juanita du Plessis, Coenie de Villiers, Kurt Darren and Snotkop.

Pay-television viewers in the UK can now start their day with Dagbreek, kykNET’s vibrant breakfast show; follow the drama and intrigue of the two soapies Binnelandand Villa Rosa; get up to speed with news and actuality with Robinson Regstreeks,Beleggingsfokus and kykNET Nuus; enjoy the drama Donkerland , penned by Deon Opperman; or cook up a storm with the legendary Nataniël in Die Nataniël Tafel.

Other cooking shows include Ilse Kook!, presented by SA’s own Nigella, Ilse Fourie, and Roer!, with Tammy-Anne Fortuin visiting the kitchens of SA celebrities.
But Afrikaans programming without a ‘braai’ is inconceivable! In Jan Braai vir Erfenis a character named Jan Braai travels through the world to convert everyone to the quintessentially South African braai culture. And to bring some sunny times to the Northern hemisphere, the kykNET UK line-up also features the Willie Esterhuizen comedies, Vir beter of baie beter, and an old favourite, Hester en Ester Bester.

François Thiellet, CEO of THEMA, says THEMA  is the ideal partner to bring all these amazing Afrikaans programming to expats. “On top of all this home-made programming, TalkTalk offers a wide range channels that SouthAfricans in the UK are familiar with, as well as broadband. It is your one-stop for great entertainment and we are thrilled to be part of all of this. “
To find out how to subscribe to TalkTalk, go to  https://sales.talktalk.co.uk/info/tv/tv-extras/boost/world-boost

THR Comedy Actress Roundtable Discussion

Some of TV's funny ladies recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and chatted about the state of TV comedies, their experiences on set and the all important factor of whether they think they are funny or not. The round table discussion featured Betty White (Hot In Cleveland) Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory), Zosia Mamet (Girls), Kristen Bell (House of Lies), Jessica Walter (Arrested Development) and Kaitlin Olson (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia). 
They also touch on stage fright and also their comedy idols. 

Video: The Hollywood Reporter 

Emmy Roundtable: Cast of Downton Abbey

The cast of the hit show, Downton Abbey, which boasts a couple of Emmy nominations, recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter discussing the new season, the popularity of the show and also the Emmy Awards. It's not suprising that the show is screened in over 200 countries! That's how popular it is. 
The third season premiered this past Sunday on BBC Entertainment at 9pm. 
We ran a cover story and feature on the third season of the show and what to expect from it, last week. 
So beware if there are any spoilers in the video. 

Laura Prepon leaving Orange Is The New Black

This comes as a huge shock- a huge, unexpected shock! Laura Prepon is leaving Netflix's hit series, Orange Is The New Black. According to reports, Laura didn't sign a contract to renew  her services on the show for the second season. Buzzfeed reported that Prepon will come back for a limited number of episodes in the show’s 13-episode second season in order to wrap up Alex Vause's storyline. There's a chance that she could come back for a few episodes. That door is still open.
This is really sad for the show, especially since Laura is excellent as Alex Vause and Taylor Schilling's Piper's story line kinder does revolve around her relationship with Alex. Yes they may have *SPOILER* at the end of the first season, but they are not really finished. 
The show has been making interesting changes cast wise. Popular characters like Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning), Taystee (Daniele Brooks) and Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes)  have been upgraded to series regulars for next season.
The show is currently shooting it's second episode in New York. 

Breaking Bad's Laura Fraser on the Remainder of Season 5

Breaking Bad returned in a US with impressive ratings and fine reviews from critics. The second part of season five, which is the final season, promises to be as hectic as expected and the finale is expected to blow fans of the AMC series away. 
DStv hasn't revealed when the show will return, but we expect that it will return soon. 
In the video, sourced from The Hollywood Reporter, Laura Fraser, who plays Lydia, spoke about the experience of working alongside Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. 

Video: The Hollywood Reporter

Lindsay Lohan's back!

It's safe to say that troubled actress, Lindsay Lohan is in a good space. She did a good job hosting Chelsea Lately, is said to have been great on Oprah (interview screens this Sunday- still no word from Discovery on whether it will be shown in South Africa), and now she's bagged her first role post rehab- a guest arc on Danny McBride's HBO TV series Eastbound & Down. She’s rumoured to be playing a daughter of one of the main characters, and the picture she posted of herself on Instagram, was before she shot a wedding scene.

BBC's Komla Dumor to interview Bill Clinton

BBC's Komla Dumor with former US President, Bill Clinton 
Word from BBC World News is that anchor, Komla Dumor got a chance to interview Bill Clinton during his visit to Sub-Saharan Africa. In Our World: Clinton in Africa, Dumor got to speak to Clinton about his outreach work as part of the Clinton Foundation. 
More Information Below

*** Press Release***

Our World: Clinton in Africa explores the work of the Clinton Foundation and asks what role charity should play on a continent that is becoming more economically assertive

Our World: Clinton in Africa travels to East Africa with the former US President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea. Travelling across Tanzania, Zanzibar and Rwanda, presenter Komla Dumor examines the work of the Clinton Foundation as it attempts to improve health care, increase farm incomes and tackle climate change. In an in-depth interview, Komla questions the former President about the role of big western donors in improving the lives of Africans and what role charity should play on a continent that is becoming more economically assertive.

It's been more than ten years since President Bill Clinton left office, but his engagement in global affairs shows no signs of abating. After leaving the White House, he set up the Clinton Global Initiative and - along with his wife and daughter - has raised hundreds of millions of dollars from private donors and corporations to fight HIV and AIDS, tackle Malaria and provide health care services in poor communities across the world – but especially in Africa.

Saturday August 17th 2013 at 12.30, and  Sunday August 18th 2013 at 18.30 and 23.30
Tune in on DStv and TopTv Channel 400. 

We interviewed Komla last year when he was on a trip to South Africa, at the Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga when BBC launched its Focus On Africa  series of shows. 


What the Strictly Come Dancing Judges Want

SCD judges- Samantha Peo, Michael Wentik and Tebogo Kgobokoe
*** Press Release***

Deft footwork, spectacular dancing and sensational all round entertainment are what the judges of Strictly Come Dancing on SABC3 demand of the remaining seven celebrity contestants in Episode 6 as they raise the bar on Wednesday, 14th August at 20:00.
Said Strictly Come Dancing judge, Tebogo Kgobokoe, “This week I want the contestants to leave their hearts on the dance floor and show some seriously good dancing. Being a professional dancer, I know that there is no short cut to dancing.
“The contestants are not expert dancers, but this is a national competition, and I am not going to be sympathetic. I am going to be looking for mind blowing dancing this week!”
The remaining seven couples are: Thapelo and Hayley, Mpho and Nombulelo, Connie and Brandon, Lalla and Grant, Graeme and Lindsey and Zakeeya and Ryan.
Dancers will liven up the dance floor with the sexy Cha Cha and the African-American inspired Jive – a lively and uninhibited variation of Swing dance with its myriad kicks. Two waltzes will be shown on the dance floor; the elegant Waltz and the more technical Viennese Waltz.
Thapelo and Hayley and Mpho and Nombulelo will do the Cha Cha while Connie and Brandon and Lalla and Grant will demonstrate the Viennese Waltz.  Graeme and Lindsey will attempt the waltz while Zakeeya and Ryan will do the jive.
Viewers can cast their votes by sending an sms with their favourite couple’s number to 34024.
Watch Strictly Come Dancing this week to vote and see which couple will be voted off next. Strictly Come Dancing airs on SABC3 Wednesdays from 20:00 to 22:00.

Mapaseka Mokwele: Motswako's New Host

I am certain that many TV writers have just had a collective sigh of relief- thanks to SABC 2 and Carol Bouwer announcing veteran broadcaster and anchor, Mapaseka Mokwele as the new host of Motswako. In TV Snitch last week, we revealed that Penny Lebyane had left the SABC 2 talk show and was rumoured to be replaced by former Miss South Africa, Bokang Montjane. Thank goodness that it was just a rumour. 
SABC 2 tweeted a few minutes ago that Mapaseka, who is a former SABC 3 news anchor, will be hosting the female targeted talk show from today at 6pm. She is the best candidate to replace Penny. She's media savvy and has been in the industry for a good part of 20 years. A show like Motswako needs an experienced host, one who will be serious about the issues of women and be willing to think outside the box. 
Let's hope that Mapaseka will impress us and that her run on the show will be a success. 

Idols 9: The Directors Cut

Idols judges, Randall Abrahams and Unathi Msengana covering their ears after a terrible audition
Haven't had your fair share of laughter after watching the Idols season 9 wooden mic singers? Then you're in a bit of luck!


Idols 9
The Director’s Cut

The Idols Season 9 audition tour is over, but with thousands upon thousands of people auditioning in Sandton, Soweto, Cape Town and Durban this year, there was just far too much silliness, oddness, craziness, and sheer talent to be contained in only three episodes, so catch the Best of The Rest in Idols Director’s Cut on M-Net and Mzansi Magic this Sunday at 17:30! 
There’s the heartwarming story of a Cape Town “punk farm girl” who rescues abandoned and abused horses, the operatic performer who has Unathi in tears of laughter, a contestant with Tourette’s Syndrome who fascinates Gareth and Randall, and for the first time ever, Idols’ ever-professional host ProVerb completely loses it on air! 
Don’t miss Episode 4 of Idols Season 9 on M-Net and Mzansi Magic this Sunday, 18 August, at 17:30.

How cancelled TV shows can find a new life in books

The Borgias was cancelled earlier this year. Scott Meslow of The Week.com has written a piece about how the period drama has found new life on an e-book and whether more cancelled shows can follow suit, especially those who were cancelled before the story ended. 

In June, Showtime president David Nevins canceled the network's period drama The Borgias a full season before its creator Neil Jordan originally intended — and the show's tiny but passionate fan base was, predictably, less than pleased. After mounting an extensive social media campaign to try and get the series resurrected, they hired a plane with a banner that read "D Nevins: Sho fans you care — save The Borgias" to fly over the Television Critics' Association press tour.

Nevins was unmoved. The closest he came to offering any solace for Borgias fans was a vague reference suggesting a Borgias Kickstarter campaign, noting that the crowdfunding service was recently used to resurrect the cult TV favorite Veronica Mars. But let's be honest: A period piece like The Borgias is too expensive for a Kickstarter project, and it lacks both the critical support and sizable fan base required to make such a campaign a success. So just like that — like so many canceled shows before it — The Borgias was dead, destined for a relatively unmourned burial in a potter's field.

But then something interesting happened. On Monday, Showtime quietly announced that The Borgias would be continued after all. Not as a TV series, and not even as the made-for-TV movie originally proposed by creator Neil Jordan — but as an e-book called The Borgia Apocalypse, based on Jordan's script, which would offer fans the definitive ending to the story that Jordan has always planned.

Read More here

Happy 21st Birthday Top Billing

Top Billing presenters
It's amazing to think that SABC 3's long running lifestyle show, Top Billing, is celebrating 21 years on air this year. I'm certain a few years ago they celebrated their 15th anniversary. 
To celebrate Top Billing, which boasts Bonang Matheba, Jeannie D and Jonathan Boynton Lee as its presenters, will this Thursday announce a competition for viewers. 

SABC 3 released a statement saying: "In celebration of Top Billing's 21st birthday we will be giving away a prize like no other! Top Billing welcomes you to a slice of the good life that could change your future forever! Don't miss out on this week's show where all will be revealed!"

So if you're a fan of a show and want to know more, tune in on SABC 3 at 8.30 for a taste of the good life and more. 

Why We Care About Fictional Characters And Why Cote de Pablo's Departure Hurts

This blog post is an article by Huffington Post blogger and columnist, Dianne Lodder. The article is about why we get attached to fictional characters and why so many fans are not coming to terms with Cote de Pablo leaving NCIS. 
When reading a book, when watching TV shows or movies, I always find myself coming to care about the characters. It seems that while reading or watching, you are almost projected into their world, no matter if it's a fantasy world. You, as an invisible companion, live their lives with them. You go on a journey with them and experience every event, every emotion they go through. Strange how that happens while at the same time realising these people don't really exist.
As a huge NCIS fan, recent events have made me all too aware of how attached I can get to fictional characters. The characters on this show have become so important to me that the news about the departure of Cote de Pablo, who plays Ziva David, really hurt. It's safe to say that I have never loved a show more than I love NCIS, nor have I ever before been as invested in one. Losing one of the characters feels like losing somebody close to you. Add to that the fact that the cast of this show are as important to many of the fans as the show itself, and it is a double loss.
In the past few weeks, I have been thinking about this subject a lot. I have started to wonder why it is that people tend to identify so much with fictional characters. Why is it that we care about them?
Read More Here

New Series on Fox: Low Winter Sun

Fans of Mark Strong, rejoice. The British actor, famous for playing villains in everything, is the lead character, Frank Agnew,  a role he first played in a mini-series of the same name, in 2006. 
Touted to be the next Breaking Bad, Low Winter Sun is about murder, deception, revenge and corruption, which all stems from Frank and his colleague killing a fellow cop. The show is now set in Detroit, unlike the mini-series, where it was set in Edinburgh.
Fox International Channels have acquired the series and will premiere in October on Fox.
We recently spoke to Mark and he said that he was excited about the show and reprising the character. He strongly disagreed with the rumour that AMC is planning on Low Winter Sun to be the next Breaking Bad, and insisted that the shows were very different. 
The show has received mixed reviews from critics, based on the two episodes they received for reviewing purposes. However, most of them compared it to Breaking Bad. 

PIC: Mark Strong as Frank Agnew on Low Winter Sun 

Sandra Oh leaves Grey's Anatomy

It was bound to happen soon. Grey's Anatomy has lost one of its lead actresses, Sandra Oh, who played the role of Dr. Cristina Yang since the first episode, back in 2005. She'll leave the show at the end of the tenth season. She revealed this in a statement yesterday.
"It's been a great privilege to play the character of Cristina Yang on GA and I am both sad and excited to see where this, her final season will take her," Oh says in a statement. "It was an emotional and deeply creative decision for me and I feel fully supported by Shonda and the writers. It's so rare in an actor's life to be able to explore and grow a character so fully, so completely. I am profoundly grateful to everyone at GA for the opportunity. I'm excited to celebrate and cherish every moment of my final season on GA with the fans who have made it all possible."

It's not so surprising that Sandra left, especially since her co-star, Patrick Dempsey revealed that he was basically getting bored with his character, Dr. Derek Shepard. However, unlike Katherine Hiegl who decided to rather diss her character before leaving the show, Sandra sat down with series creator, Shonda Rhimes and they charted the storyline that will leave to Cristina leaving the show.
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Shonda Rhimes said that she knew that Sandra's departure will soon come.

What was your reaction when you heard Sandra Oh would not be returning? Were you surprised?
I know Sandra pretty well. It was one of those things where I so wished it wasn't true for many reasons. For me, as a human being, I love spending time with Sandra, and as a writer, writing for Sandra is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. I would hope that it wouldn't be happening -- but I also know Sandra, and I know that it's time for her to have new challenges. I get to have new challenges all the time because I get to create other shows, but she doesn't get to do that, so I fully understood it.
Are you expecting any other cast departures besides Sandra? Would you like to keep the rest of the original six (Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, James Pickens Jr., Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers) beyond season 10?
I have no idea at this time. Everybody has different factors that influence whether they want to stay or go, none of which is they don't want to be there. Everybody really wants to be there. It's a family at this point; everyone is very close-knit. Everybody who is there is somebody who is really happy to be there. Everybody has their different reasons. For Sandra, it was about her desire to stretch herself as actor. For everyone else, we'll see. Everyone has different factors: people have families, some love the stability, some will not love the stability. It depends. I'd have all of them until the end of time. I joked with Ellen that one day her daughter Stella is going to play Meredith Grey and my daughter will run the show. (Laughs). I want everybody for as long as they want to stay.

Sandra won a Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2006 for her role as Cristina. She was nominated for an Emmy Award five times for the role. 


So You Think You Can Dance on Saturday

Now that SABC 1 have finally sorted out their publicity, we are now able to confirm that the judges for the third season of Rapid Blue's SYTYCD are Harold van Buuren, Lorna Maseko and Themba Nofemele. 

Sinazo Yolwa takes over from Sade Giliberti as the host of the show. Her hosting abilities will not be that important during the audition phases, but come the live shows, then she'll need to sparkle. She revealed to us that she loves having fun while presenting, which is why she's doing so well on SABC 1's The Link. Let's hope she has a lot of fun with SYTYCD and that translates to great presenting. (Picture: Sinazo Yolwa Facebook Page)

Harold van Buuren is the mean judge. Always has and always will be. That drawling, almost bored voice of his is irritating, HOWEVER he knows a lot about dancing and when you get over his voice, you pick up fine words of wisdom about dancing. Let's hope that he's not the head judge this season. There really is no need for a head judge in a reality competition show. (Picture: Supplied by Rapid Blue) 

Lorna Maseko is a former ballerina, who achieved fame by being the first black ballerina to dance lead in Don Quixote, alongside Andile Ndlovu. She's since swopped the dance floor for TV presenting and she's doing rather well for herself on Top Billing. It's going to be interesting seeing how she transitions to be a judge on SYTYCD and whether she'll be afraid to speak her mind. Let's hope she's not going to try too hard to be the 'nice' judge. Didi Moses was tough and since Lorna is 'replacing' her, we will need her to be tough too. (Picture: Diva's Inc Online Magazine)

Themba Nofemele was a surprising addition to the judges table. Few even know that he's a professional dancer. He's well known as an actor on SABC 2's Muvhango, where he plays the insecure businessman, Rantumeng Mokoena. Now that we think about it, we've actually never seen Rantumeng in a business meeting or a board meeting. Wonder how the Muvhango writers got away with that. He looks like a tough person to please and we hope that he'll be tough and have interesting comments to make  about the dancers. (Picture: SABC 2)

Let's hope the show is a success. The previous seasons were excellent and we hope the contestants are great and the choreographers will think outside the box. With international versions of the show being screened in South Africa, we going to need the local version to step it up and be on the same standard as them. 

The show starts this Saturday on SABC 1 at 6.30pm.
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Strictly Come Dancing episode 5: How They Rank

 The competition is finally on. The celebrity contestants are serious about this and it's starting to be a proper show. While the show has faced a couple of glitches, with Mpho being sick one week and Connie sadly losing her mother two weeks ago, Strictly Come Dancing has finally begun and it's really going to be a battle. Marc is getting better at delivering his lines without fluffing them like an amateur. Pabi's camaraderie with the contestants is great. 
Samantha Peo, Michael Wentik and Tebogo Kgobokoe
The judges have also become comfortable, with their roles now really set. Tebogo is the tough judge, and no matter how cute you look, she'll make sure she points out the flaws. Michael can be charmed, but is also very critical. Samantha is the 'nice' judge- but don't be fooled if you think she won't call you out. She will. 

It's now that time to list the best dancers of the week and unsurprisingly, it's the same guys. 
This reminds me of the last season where Rob van Vuuren dancing with Mary Martins and Grant Esterhuizen with Tessa van Duuren, were the front runners from the second episode. 
Here's how they rank:

Lalla & Grant
Grade- A+

What’s left to say about these two? They are really champion dancers and it’s such a pleasure watching them perform. Grant is so in command and Lalla is strong, yet delicate. Her footwork almost faultless. Their music choices are always great and they look so sexy on the dance floor. Their rumba, while not as great as Zakeeya and Ryan’s from last week, was really great.

Zakeeya & Ryan
Grade- A+

A point separates Zakeeya and Lalla and I’m certain it’s going to be like this until the finale. Dancing a waltz, Ryan and Zakeeya took my breathe away. And the judges too. Michael even said that their performance was worthy of the final. Now if that isn’t a sign of how excellent they are, I don’t know what is.

Graeme & Lindsay
Grade- B+

So it’s been revealed that these two are now dating! Congratulations to them. Which then explains their chemistry. Last week they were undeservedly in the dance off when Damon should have been. Thank goodness they got more votes than the abysmal Damon. Their jive was light, funky and I believe we still haven’t seen the best of Lindsay Muckle.

Brandon & Connie
Grade – B-

It was great seeing Connie Ferguson back so soon after losing her mother. That’s what made her rumba so poignant and heartfelt. And when Connie wrapped herself around Brandon and she totally surrendered to him, I felt her come alive. For that she deserves to be on this list.

Jay & Tsholo
Grade- B

Opening the show is always tough, especially since you set the bar of the show. And they did. They are slowly coming into their own and I’m certain that they will soon blossom. Like the judges said, we do need a bit of va va voom from them.

With Damon having left the show (finally) the show just got serious. It’s now time to separate the boys from the men and the girls from the women!

Tune in next week at 8pm on SABC 3