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Strictly Come Dancing episode 5: How They Rank

 The competition is finally on. The celebrity contestants are serious about this and it's starting to be a proper show. While the show has faced a couple of glitches, with Mpho being sick one week and Connie sadly losing her mother two weeks ago, Strictly Come Dancing has finally begun and it's really going to be a battle. Marc is getting better at delivering his lines without fluffing them like an amateur. Pabi's camaraderie with the contestants is great. 
Samantha Peo, Michael Wentik and Tebogo Kgobokoe
The judges have also become comfortable, with their roles now really set. Tebogo is the tough judge, and no matter how cute you look, she'll make sure she points out the flaws. Michael can be charmed, but is also very critical. Samantha is the 'nice' judge- but don't be fooled if you think she won't call you out. She will. 

It's now that time to list the best dancers of the week and unsurprisingly, it's the same guys. 
This reminds me of the last season where Rob van Vuuren dancing with Mary Martins and Grant Esterhuizen with Tessa van Duuren, were the front runners from the second episode. 
Here's how they rank:

Lalla & Grant
Grade- A+

What’s left to say about these two? They are really champion dancers and it’s such a pleasure watching them perform. Grant is so in command and Lalla is strong, yet delicate. Her footwork almost faultless. Their music choices are always great and they look so sexy on the dance floor. Their rumba, while not as great as Zakeeya and Ryan’s from last week, was really great.

Zakeeya & Ryan
Grade- A+

A point separates Zakeeya and Lalla and I’m certain it’s going to be like this until the finale. Dancing a waltz, Ryan and Zakeeya took my breathe away. And the judges too. Michael even said that their performance was worthy of the final. Now if that isn’t a sign of how excellent they are, I don’t know what is.

Graeme & Lindsay
Grade- B+

So it’s been revealed that these two are now dating! Congratulations to them. Which then explains their chemistry. Last week they were undeservedly in the dance off when Damon should have been. Thank goodness they got more votes than the abysmal Damon. Their jive was light, funky and I believe we still haven’t seen the best of Lindsay Muckle.

Brandon & Connie
Grade – B-

It was great seeing Connie Ferguson back so soon after losing her mother. That’s what made her rumba so poignant and heartfelt. And when Connie wrapped herself around Brandon and she totally surrendered to him, I felt her come alive. For that she deserves to be on this list.

Jay & Tsholo
Grade- B

Opening the show is always tough, especially since you set the bar of the show. And they did. They are slowly coming into their own and I’m certain that they will soon blossom. Like the judges said, we do need a bit of va va voom from them.

With Damon having left the show (finally) the show just got serious. It’s now time to separate the boys from the men and the girls from the women!

Tune in next week at 8pm on SABC 3

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