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Strictly Come Dancing: How They Rank

The fourth episode of Strictly Come Dancing was pretty amazing. Besides the glitches, which meant that it started a few minutes later, the episode showed a great improvement.
Maybe it's because everyone has finally relaxed and in the swing of things. Even Marc Lottering, who we have previously complained about, has improved and is more comfortable. 
The opening dance, choreographed by judge, Michael Wentik, was excellent and PopStars winner, Lyle Volkwyn on vocals, did a very good job. 

Last week Lvovo left the competition after being in the bottom two alongside Kuli Roberts. Kuli joined him this week when she was eliminated from the competition. But the irritating thing about Strictly Come Dancing is that the public decides who ends up in the bottom two and sometimes the worst dancer stays on in the competition because they get votes from their 'fans'.  5fm producer, Damin Kalvari, is easily the worst dancer this season. He's terrible and I feel sorry for his dance partner, Hayley Hammond. 

Now for this week's best dancers

Zakeeya Patel and Ryan Hammond

Grade- A+
Oh Ryan. Finally you got a partner who is willing to go all the way with you and for that, congratulations. Zakeeya Patel was a vision on Wednesday evening and that rumba was easily one of the best we've seen on Strictly. The choreography was simple, yet beautiful. Zakeeya looked amazing and Ryan, who has somehow gotten leaner and looks taller, was a great partner. Even the mean Harold van Buuren, who's judging the new season of SYTYCD, complimented him on Twitter. Michael Wentik even gave them a 9. They are definitely the one couple to beat this season and I will not be surprised. 

Lalla Hirayama and Grant Esterhuizen

Grade- A
Lalla and Grant are the favourites to win this season, mainly because Lalla is a popular celebrity. She's also a great dancer and Grant is phenomenal. Even though people have been having issues with Lalla's previous dance experience (she's a professional hip hop dancer) she still has to learn a new dance discipline every week. So while she has the right posture for a dancer, she not that ahead of her competitors. 
She danced the fox trot this week, to Michael Jackson. Of course Grant's choreography was excellent, once again. If Zakeeya doesn't win, then Lalla and Grant will. 

Thapelo Mokoena and Hayley Bennet

Grade- B+
Hayley is the queen of themes and once again turned to a theme to perform the Jive. Cops and Robbers is an improvement from the stoneage man rumba she and Thapelo danced two weeks ago. The Jive is one of my favourite Latin dances. Hayley and Thapelo did justice to it and I'm hoping they stay long enough to improve because they are getting better each week. 

Mpho Popps and Nombulelo Hlathi 

Grade- B+
Mpho is a pretty funny comedian and one of SA's rising comedy stars and since he missed the show last week, he had to come back with a bang! And he did. Also dancing the jive, he and Nombulelo sizzled on the dance floor and while it wasn't the best, it was fun to watch and it seems like Mpho is finally having fun and getting into the swing of things. 

SABC 3 hasn't revealed what next week's dances will be, but man we hope the salsa, paso doble and the quickstep are just some of the dance styles that will be performed! Maybe then Lindsay Muckle and Graeme Richards will get back onto our top 4 couples to watch. 

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