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Was Sade Giliberti replaced BEFORE she got the MTV job?

Change is good, but sometimes change is really not good, especially when it's not handled in a professional way. 
Last week on So You Think You Can Dance's Facebook Page, there was a little bit of drama when it emerged that whoever was updating the page had misled fans of the show. 
When fans asked why Sade Giliberti had been replaced with Sinazo Yolwa, SYTYCD apparently said it's because of Sade will be hosting MTV's new show, MTV Choice. We ran with this in yesterday's TV Snitch, however after going to print, we were alerted to the Facebook Page and the discussions that were taking place on the page.
Sade and former judge, Didi Moses, called out SYTYCD for misinforming the public about the casting. 

Here are the Facebook Comments- (The original comment from SYTYCD was removed from the page)
Sade Giliberti
Can I comment and say that's not true? MTV came after I found out I wasn't going to be hosting SYTYCD this year. HUGE congratulations to Sinazo, I know she'll kill it! :)) #RockIt!

Didi Moses
 Sade was available when the selection of judges & host were made for Season 3. Why are you telling the fans lies? Congratulations to Sade for getting the MTV gig. Knew there would be something fabulous in store for her! Well done Sadie!

Jeffeynore Candice Jordaan Huli har not cool to lie to fans hey SYTYCD SA! Congrats Sade. Thanks Didi Moses
12 August at 17:15 via mobile · Like · 1

Didi Moses You're welcome Jeffeynore! Truth MUST be told!

So You Think You Can Dance - South Africa (Official Page)
Hi everyone, we apologise for the confusion surrounding the appointment of Sinazo as the new presenter of #SYTYCD_ZA. We are very sad to see the lovely Sade Giliberti go, but a decision was made to change things up this season and we are looking forward to welcoming Sinazo to the team. We also wish Sade all the best in her exciting new adventure!
12 August at 19:47 · Like · 1

Mfumo Bamuza: There is no confusion nex here! Why anywhere in that comment don't you speak about Didi? and dropping her? And her finding out via twitter? I wonder who is administrating this page, cause I can tell he/she is being told what to comment by the big bosses!
13 August at 02:47 · Like

Enricho Richenzo Solomons: I read something from Sadé's page saying that sytycd sa is fabricating the truth. What is the real truth plesse people?

Enricho Richenzo Solomons
Sade Giliberti - TV Personality It's even more heartbreaking that SYTYCD SA is using my new MTV gig as the excuse to why I am not hosting this years season, by telling the public that I was unavailable. Fact is that is not true, the decision to get a new host happened way before my new gig. I just wish they wouldn't lie. Rather say nothing if you're going to fabricate the truth and use me as your scapegoat. Anyways - I couldn't be happier. I'm a VJ on the coolest channel in the WORLD and I can be myself 100% Everything happens for a reason! 

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