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Published interview of SYTYCD head judge, Harold van Buuren
Harold van Buuren is the sole remaining judge from the previous seasons of SABC 1’s SYTYCD Buhle Mbonambi spoke to him.

After a three-year break, SABC 1’s So You Think You Can Dance, returned a few weeks ago with a new host, and two new judges. Harold van Buuren is the remaining judge of the reality competition show and has welcomed Top Billing and former ballet dancer Lorna Maseko and actor and dancer, Themba Nofemele to the panel. A new host in The Link’s Sinazo Yolwa is also part of the show’s reboot. Harold said he was excited about the changes and promised a good season of dance and great TV, but he didn't know what to do without his catchphrase: “Thank you Sade”. 

Were you surprised that Rapid Blue and SABC 1 wanted the show back?
I won’t lie. I’ve been hoping that the show would come back. It’s a great show and we’ve unearthed so much amazing talent that it would’ve been a shame had it not come back. SYTYCD is one of those shows that explores the history and truth in dancing, plus it makes for great TV. So I’m glad it’s back. 

Is it weird that you are the only returning judge? 
It is weird. Change is always weird. Funny thing is I was at first, very unsure about working with Themba and Lorna, or whether they were the right fit for the show. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised. 

How has it been working with them so far?
They are dynamic and so different. Themba I’d say is more mature. He’s the quiet type, he assesses the situation and then he makes a decision. Lorna is feisty and speaks her mind. The live shows are going to be really interesting and I’m looking forward to them. 

Are you missing Didi Moses and David Matamela?
So much. We were like a family having been together for two seasons. We built a bond and as much as I love the freshness of having Themba and the dear Lorna on the show, I miss David and Didi. I miss how kind, but firm David was with the dancers. He encouraged them more than anything. Didi was strict. She was the no-nonsense judge who expected dancers to deliver all the time. I loved how fair she was – when you did well, she’d compliment you and when you were bad; then boy would she be upset. I miss that about them.

How is the talent looking this season?
It’s amazing – there are some extraordinarily talented dancers on the show. It makes me happy how unpredictable some of the talent has been. The variety in the dancers is excellent and I’m really excited about this season. There’s this one hip hop dancer who came to audition in the second season and he wasn’t serious about dancing. I could see that he was talented, but he wasn’t willing to learn new dance styles. He came to audition again this season. He’s now a contemporary dancer and he|came on the show and blew me away. 

Have you been following the success or lack thereof of previous contestants? 
Yes, most of them. I do see them pop up now and then. I just wish that we had a bigger platform for our dancers. Dance is an important art, like any other. I’ve seen dance change lives of people. Even on SYTYCD, we’ve seen it. Youth from poor backgrounds take up dance as a way to leave those circumstances. I wish it would be taken seriously and for more events to be held where dancers are given a chance to show just how talented South Africa is. 

It’s been a long break since the last season. What have you been doing? 
So much. In-between teaching, I trained a world champion couple – they recently got back from the World Ballroom Championships and they won. I’ve been choreographing quite a few dances. So I’ve been working non-stop. 

With so many changes in the cast of the show, should we expect a new way of doing things? 
Not so much. It’s a well designed format and it’s been working well, so I don’t think there’s any need for change. The only thing that I have to change is “Thank you Sade”. With Sade (Gilberti) no longer hosting the show and replaced by Sinazo, I’m now working hard to get a new phrase to use on her, it’s no easy feat. 

Catch SYTYCD, Saturdays at 6.30pm and Mondays on SABC 1 at 7pm 

Come Dine With Me SA: Season 3 Tonight

It's back! After a crazy second season, the BBC Entertainment show is back for another season. The third season premieres tonight at 8pm. Meet tonight's participants who are: 

*** Press Release***

Serial prankster and HR Manager Zeyn Lovell, retired Mike Gahagan, self-proclaimed ‘ghetto gorgeous’ administrator Lerato Morabe, along with sassy sound engineer, blond bombshell Lisa Partington.

First up to host is jokester Zeyn, whose ‘Seventies’ theme delivers a wild first night, peppered with oh-so-naughty double entendres. Chaotic kitchen prep reveals Zeyn to have feet of crème-brulee, and his guests are treated to an extremely questionable meal choice.

Hosting the second evening is Lerato, and remarkably, her faith in pre-packaged cuisine actually pays off. Not a culinary bunch, this lot. Zeyn resurrects a tiresome prank, which is received almost as well as Lerato’s ghetto-themed trifle. The evening’s Great Gatsby dress code, a ‘Fifties night’ according to her version of history, is met with mixed feedback.    

Next up is Mike, who shifts into first gear on his hosting night, offering an array of vegetarian treats. How will the carnivores cope? Zeyn shares a predictable confession, and no-one mourns the passing of his tedious joke.

The final night and it’s up to Lisa to take the crown. Her starter is promising, but the evening takes a strange turn when her guests return from their snooping mission. Lisa’s main course is met with polite smiles, but what do her guests really think of her hostess skills?

Here's more details on who tonight's contestants are:

We are in for another interesting episode and season from the look of things! 

Tune in tonigth on BBC Entertainment at 8pm 

Great TV is Back

The 2013/2014 TV season has officially started. Those who like keeping up with the latest seasons of TV series in the US and the UK (read SMtv) are in for treat.

Here are some of the shows we are looking forward to:

The Good Wife

The fifth season of the hit show will see some changes. The fourth season finale ended three months ago with Alicia Florrick leaving Lockhart/Gardner to join Cary's new law firm. So I guess we have to look forward to some David and Goliath type drama between the two firms.  Will Cary and Alicia be the new Will and Diane or will they butt heads? What will Will and Diane do with their stars leaving them and what about Will and Alicia? This is what Juliana Margulies had to say about the fifth season of the hit drama:
"It's going to be a really tumultuous time, I think. You're going to be on a whirlwind and then there's going to be an explosion. It's going to rock everyone's world on the show... "I think the biggest thing will be watching Alicia realize that her and Cary are not Will and Diane. The uphill battle will constantly be, 'Did I make a mistake?'" 

Firstly we just have to come out and say we hated most of the second season. It was truly disappointing that we had to deal with the Initiative story line, which was actually pointless. Did FauxManda, Takeda and the White Haired Man really have to die? And as much as Declan Porter was irritating, the writers could have written something interesting for him and Charlotte Grayson Clarke this season. Anyway enough about season two. Season three is said to be a return to season one goodness. The Initiative is all but dead and gone, Conrad is governor, Victoria's long lost son Patrick showed up on her door step last season. Nolan was arrested for Padma's death and Emily finally told Jack the truth. Now where does this leave us for this season? Will Victoria and Patrick work it out? Will Nolan stay in jail? And Conrad? will he be a good governor? We can't wait to see what will play out. 

The Walking Dead

Fox International Channels has just announced that the popular zombie drama will be aired 24 hours AFTER the US! That's major news and it's a move once again by FIC to show that they are making TV for an international audience and not just the US. Season three left us with us hating The Governor so much! Andrea killed the zombified Milton, and then she shot herself with Rick's pistol  to prevent her own reanimation.  The ever loyal Michonne stayed with her til the end, shedding a few tears. Rick and team led an ambush and they returned to the prison along with the residents of Woodbury who stayed behind. The Governor is at large. I'm certain that Michonne is gunning for The Governor's blood. 
Catch The Walking Dead on FOX on Monday 14 October 2013. 

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is arguably one of the best shows on TV right now. Amy Poehler is excellent as Leslie Knope and together with her co-stars, they make the show so funny. The comedic timing, the acting and the chemistry between the actors brings us such joy. So the fifth season ended with Pawnee citizens wanting Leslie out of the council, Tom considered an offer for Rent-a-Swagg, April went to Vet School, and Andy found a pregnancy test. This new season will open with Leslie, Ben, Andy and April in London, where Leslie will be receiving an award for her work and dedication to local government. Will we find out who's pregnant? And what will happen with April and Andy? 
The sad news about Parks and Rec is that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are leaving the show after the 13th episode of this season. What does this mean for Leslie and Ann's friendship? Let's hope the good writing on the show deals with their loss in a great way. 


Homeland had a rather disappointing second season, one which we hope will be rectified with an excellent third season. The second season was rather disjointed and honestly, I don't know what they were trying to do. The finale was a return to season one goodness though. At the VP's funeral, at CIA headquarters, where Carrie and Brody were also present, but slipped out for some loving. A bomb blast from Brody's car killed all the assembled mourners, including the VP's family (poor Dana Brody's boyfriend, Finn, is dead) and also CIA boss David Estes. Carrie and Brody got out just in time, with Carrie helping Brody cross the border to Canada, after a confession video was played, that smeared Brody as the terrorist who responsible.  
Saul was at Abu Nazir's burial at sea (Bin Laden style) and came back to find everyone dead. At least he thought everyone. He saw that Carrie is alive and smiled. So what now this season? Well Brody is on the run, Carrie is back to her unhinged self and Saul is in charge at the CIA. The season will be focused more on character development, which is always a great thing.  Here's a review of the first two episodes of season three: HOMELAND

The Vampire Diaries

While we are personally so over vampires (and True Blood is ending too), we can't deny that Elena and the Salvatore brothers are still a hit. The fourth season ended with Elena and Damon together and with Elena being a senior, it means she's going to college this season. What will happen to them? Stefan is still trapped under the lake by Silas and we can't help wonder if Elena won't try and save him. Something bad is bound to happen. Now the question is what? 
The Vampire Diaries spin off, The Originals will also be airing this season. We just need to find out from DStv whether they will be showing it anytime this year. 

Game of Thrones

While we have to wait a few more months before this iconic show comes back, it's still great and after the amazing third season and it's shocking Red Wedding episode, we can't wait to see what they will do next. But one thing we have to look forward to it the Purple Wedding, which apparently is the Red Wedding times a million. We are already salivating at who will possibly die. What if it's Joffrey? Or what if it's sadly, Jon Snow and the rest of the Starks? And what will happen to the Khaleesi? 
Set pictures of the fourth season being shot have leaked on Reddit. Here's a link to check out the pictures


e.tv lauches four new channels

e.tv launched their four new channels last night in Morningside, Sandton. It was an intimate sit down gathering compromised mainly of e.tv executives, TV producers, press and a few e.tv stars. The four channels are Ekasi+, eToons+, eMovies+ and eAfrica+.

The channels, which will be part of the channels on OpenView HD, will start airing on 15 October 2o13, which also marks 15 years e.tv has been on air. 

Present at the function was e.tv boss, Marcel Golding who spoke about the history of e.tv. "15 years ago we launched e.tv amid great skepticism and naysayers. The success of e.tv speaks for itself," he said. "Now we are launching an additional four channels. it's a great milestone for us. We aim to bring the best TV to the South African public and we pledge to continue. We want to ensure that the masses enjoy good TV, free of charge. That's why we think the OpenView HD decoder, which will have a once off fee is a great thing for local TV." 

Golding also heaped praise on e.tv channel head, Monde Thwala. "Monde embodies the character of e.tv and he has believed in the channel from the beginning. He joined e.tv as a junior producer and the one thing about him was that he was always willing to learn and wanted to be one of the best TV execs in the country. This night is really all about him," he said. 

Thwala stressed that content is king and that it guides e.tv, however the target audience is also king and it's the audience that guides the content on e.tv. "We did extensive research on the content that would be suitable for each of the channels and we believe that we have succeeded to get content that is part of e.tv's DNA." 

Thwala presented the four channels and explained what each of them stood for. 


"e.tv has always had great ratings when it comes to showing movies and so we've decided to carry on and have a dedicated movies channel, which will play all film genres, local, African, international. It will provide a platform for local film makers to show their work to the public." 


"We have to cater for children. No channel can exist fully without a programme dedicated to children. Not only will we bring the best cartoons, but also educational programmes which will aid in the development of children. Plus kids channels are always a great babysitter." 


"With the popularity of Nollywood productions, we have decided to tap into it. But we won;t be bringing you films alone, but also soapies, drama sereies, documentaries and talk shows. This will provide a look into the African TV industry." 


"I believe this channel will resonate with most of our viewers. This channel will have stories about the everyday South African on the streets. There will be music shows; a cooking show, Kasi-Licious with Katlego Mlambo; talk shows with Khanyi Mbau (Katch it with Khanyi Mbau) and Masechaba Lekalake (Ekse Let's Talk). Ntombi Mzolo (Ngcobo) will present a cultural dance show, Gumba Gumba. This channel will show the best of South Afrca." 

We really hope that these channels become a success for e.tv and also that the other 15 channels on OpenViewHD will be worth the R1900 once off fee for the decoder, satellite and installation. 
Let's also hope that they will sort out the mess with SABC so those three channels can be added to the bouquet. While it's not competition for DStv, it's still a step in the right direction. Now we hope that the content on these channels will be top notch- proper producing, acting, hosting and writing. 
Khanyi Mbau hosts Katch It With Khanyi 


Emmy Awards Gallery

 The Emmy's took place last night- catch them on M-Net at 8.30pm tonight!~

But so long, check out the Emmy Highlights here

PIC: Jane Lynch (Glee) at the Emmy Awards - Reuters

Royalty Soapie Awards- Nominees to be announced in October

Founder of the Royalty Soapie Awards, Winnie Modise as Khethiwe Ngcobo on Generations
There has been some confusion with the first annual Royalty Soapie Awards. The awards, a brainchild of Generations actress, Winnie Modise, were announced earlier this year and since then they have changed PR companies twice. 
Now with Total exposure (thank goodness) we hope that it is final and the hassles with who to talk to about the awards will end.
The nominees for the awards, which will be held in Durban on 2 November 2013, will be announced in October. They were supposed to be announced mid-September, but after they weren't I sent out requests to their previous PR company and there was no response. Finally I got wind that Total Exposure are now handling the account and they confirmed that the nominees for the awards will now be announced in October. 

Here are the categories that some of our soap stars and also the behind the scenes people stand to get nominated in:

Outstanding Lead Actor
Outstanding Lead Actress
Outstanding Male Villain
Outstanding Female Villain
Outstanding Soapie

Outstanding Supporting Actor
Outstanding Supporting Actress
Outstanding Couple
Outstanding Newcomer

Outstanding Make-Up & Hair
Outstanding Set Design
Outstanding Writing Team
Outstanding Wardrobe

Outstanding Art Direction
Outstanding Directing Team
Outstanding Editing Team
Outstanding Casting Director
Outstanding Lighting

A Most Popular Soapie Of The Year

A Lifetime Achievement

We now hope that the confusion will be put to bed and the awards will go off without a hitch. They still haven't announced who will host the awards show (how about a tag team effort of Anele Mdoda and Tumi Morake?) and also who will be the show director and producer. Yet they expect the awards to be like the Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. 

We will be bringing you a weekly report on the state of the awards.

65th Primetime Annual Emmy Awards: Winners List

The cast of Breaking Bad celebrate after the show won the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy Award
Drama Series: Breaking Bad
Actor, Drama Series: Jeff Daniels, The Newsroom
Actress, Drama Series: Claire Danes, Homeland
Supporting Actor, Drama Series: Bobby Cannavale, Boardwalk Empire.
Supporting Actress, Drama Series: Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad

Directing, Drama Series: David Fincher, House of Cards
Writing, Drama Series: Henry Bromell, Homeland

Nurse Jackie actress, Merrit Wever reacts after winning Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Emmy Award
Comedy Series: Modern Family Actor, Comedy Series: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
Actress, Comedy Series: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
Supporting Actor, Comedy Series: Tony Hale, Veep
Supporting Actress, Comedy Series: Merritt Wever, Nurse Jackie
Directing, Comedy Series: Gail Mancuso, Modern Family
Writing, Comedy Series: Tina Fey, Tracey Wigfield, 30 Rock

Michael Douglas with his Outstanding Actor in a Miniseries or Movie Emmy for his role in Behind the Candelabra
Miniseries or Movie:Behind the Candelabra
Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Michael Douglas, Behind the Candelabra,
Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Laura Linney, The Big C: Hereafter
Supporting Actor, Miniseries or Movie: James Cromwell, American Horror Story: Asylum
Supporting Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Ellen Burstyn, Political Animals
Directing, Miniseries or Movie: Steven Soderbergh, Behind the Candelabra
Writing, Miniseries or Movie: Abi Morgan, The Hour

Dancer, Derek Hough reacts after winning the Outstanding Choreography for his work on Dancing with the Stars
Reality-Competition Program: The Voice
Variety Series: The Colbert Report
Writing, Variety Series: The Colbert Report
Directing, Variety Series: Don Roy King, Saturday Night Live
Choreography: Derek Hough, Dancing With the Stars 


The Discovery Channel presents Ben Earl: Trick Artist.

I'm not really a fan of magic shows, but when it's good, only then will I watch. I've watched Dynamo's show and also the show on e.tv showing viewers how magicians trick us. To be honest, I watch them mostly when I'm bored, so I don't always watch them because they are interesting. Anyway enough about me and magic shows. Discovery South Africa just announced a new show for the channel- Ben Earl: Trick Artist. Here's the press release for more details about the show.

*** Press Release***
This month South African viewers will find out why Ben is the UK's newest and most talked about illusionist when his debut series Ben Earl: Trick Artist premieres on the Discovery Channel  on  25th  September  at  8.30pm.
 Having spent time with pickpockets in New York and fooling casinos around the world, Ben Earl has become the master of deception. Combined with his natural charm, mischievousness and unprecedented sleight of hand skills, Ben has mastered the unimaginable. But, rather than using his skills to cross the line he's done a lot of good and instead channels his knowledge on the subject of deception - how to spot it and how to be aware of it - for many high profile organisations.
In this brand new four-part series Ben makes his next move, setting himself remarkable challenges to deceive and surprise a group of people with nothing but his extraordinary skill and his ability to mislead. Each episode will be devoted to the themes of crime, art, money and science, featuring unbelievable stunts and tricks with a spectacular theatrical feel.
"A lot of the stuff that we are doing comes from a creative position and is heavily influenced by the art world, movies and other madness like that. There are other people that do sleight of hand but I tend to do my stuff very differently – you will see," said Ben.
 From jumping off buildings and climbing across moving cars, to setting himself on fire and attempting to catch a bullet, Ben is holding nothing back in this show which is guaranteed to be yet another thrilling series for South African Discovery Channel viewers.
 "We are incredibly excited to bring Ben Earl to our South African viewers," said Lee Hobbs, Channel Director, Emerging Business, Discovery Networks CEEMEA. "Ben is a fantastic new talent who, like Dynamo, takes the magic genre to a whole new level and viewers are sure to be amazed by him when the show airs later this month

Winners: Creative Arts Emmy Awards

It's award season in TV land and all the greatest (or rather, most of the greatest) TV shows and actors are getting ready for the biggest night on TV.  The Primetime Emmy Awards will take place this coming Sunday and 
The Emmy Awards kicked off with the Creative Arts Emmy's, the awards that basically go to most behind the scenes people, the awards that the public generally don't care about. Held last night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, winners included Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Bob Newhart, 30 Rock, South Park and the Kevin Costner led, House of Cards. Here's the list of  some (read: the awards we care about) winners on the night:

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series
Melissa Leo as Laurie in Louie
Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series
Bob Newhart as Arthur Jeffries/Professor Protonin 
The Big Bang Theory
Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series
Carrie Preston as Elsbeth Tascioni in The Good Wife 
Outstanding Guest Actor, Drama Series
Dan Bucatinsky as James Novack in Scandal

Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series
House Of Cards Outstanding Casting for a Miniseries, Movie or Special
Behind The Candelabra 
Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series
30 Rock 
Outstanding Animated Program
South Park 
Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Series

American Masters
Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program
Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, for Project Runway 
Outstanding Reality Program
Undercover Boss

Bob Newhart with his Emmy for his guest role on The Big Bang Theory 
Congratulations mostly to Bob Newhart who finally won an Emmy award after being nominated seven times previously and not winning. He was excellent as Professor Proton and the good news is that he'll be back for season seven of the show. He was emotional when he received his award. He told Spike Jones, the producer of the awards, that he was going to take more than 45 seconds for his speech. “Spike, I’m gonna need a little more time with this...This is my seventh shot at this.” 

Now we wait and see who will win the big ones next Sunday and they will be hosted by funnyman, Neil Patrick Harris. Check TV Snitch on Sunday to read what you have to look forward to for this years' Prime Time Emmy Awards. 


Strictly Come Dancing 7 on the cards.

The seventh season of SABC 3's Strictly Come Dancing will be on our screens soon. This is according to SABC 3's marketing manager, Risuna Mayimele. In a report on TV with Thinus she said: "Season seven of Strictly Come Dancing is coming soon... I know that it was around five years where there was no Strictly Come Dancing (in South Africa) but it will be back very soon because it has been very successful for the channel."

It was a success for the channel, boasting impressive ratings of over a million. Although the week preceding the semi-final had low ratings of just over 600 000, the show has been popular and people have been tweeting and Facebooking about the show. 

The sixth season was won by Zakeeya Patel and Ryan Hammond. Let's hope next season's celebrity dancers will be excellent competitors. Maybe down the line they could do an All Stars edition of the show. We'd certainly tune in to that one. 

Idols Top 8 Guys Perform Radio Hits

So now that the men have been separated from the boys, the ninth season of Idols is now officially ON! Even though we don't agree with the judges decisions for some of the people in the Top 16, we have decided to get over it because we cannot change a thing. 

So the Top 8 guys will be singing some of the biggest hits on radio right now. The radio stations picked are mostly regional commercial stations (not SABC).  So here's what the guys will be singing on Sunday's episode of the reality competition show: 

Benjamin Tainton (19) from Noordhoek in Cape Town is singing Avicii’s mega-hit “Wake Me Up, as heard on KFM in the Western Cape.
Brenden Ledwaba (19) from Graskop in Mpumalanga will perform his interpretation of Rihanna’s “Stay”, a hit on East Coast Radio in KZN.

Innocent Mabushe (27) from Phalaborwa in Limpopo province is singing the party song of the season, Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”, which has had the listeners of  Limpopo’s Capricorn FM dancing.

Jonathan 'Jono' Johansen  (16) from Glenwood in Durban is performing “Millionaires” by The Script, a sensation on Gauteng’s 94.7 Highveld Stereo.

Lee-Ron Malgas (18) from Kensington in Cape Town is singing “Harriet Jones” from R&B star Eric Benet, an apt hit on Jozi’s Kaya FM.

Makhosonke “Sonke” Mazibuko (21) from Soweto chose Rihanna’s “Diamonds” 
Philip Dube (20) from Kempton Park in Gauteng opted for R. Kelly’s “Believe In Me”.
Musa Sukwene (26) from eMalahleni in Mpumalanga will add his flair to Chris Brown’s “Don’t Judge Me”.


e.tv to launch FOUR new channels with OpenView HD in October

The future of South African free-to-air TV is finally here. e.tv will later this month, be launching FOUR new TV channels at an event in Johannesburg, thanks to their OpenView HD decoder. 

Reports have stated that the Platco owned OpenView, is a step away from SA moving from analogue to digital. The Hosken Consolidated Investments owned Platco is the sister company of e.tv, which also owns news channel, eNCA.  eNCA reported in July that OpenView is a free service, with just a once off payment for the decoder and installation. 
Openview HD is a new platform and will transmit various channels alongside DStv and TopTV, but unlike the alternatives Openview HD is free. Viewers will have to part with around R1,900 in order to buy the OpenviewHD decoder. It is expected to be available at most major retailers next month. Consumers will have to buy a set up box decoder and install it in their homes. Then they will never have to pay subscription again, the company said. Some television lovers have welcomed the idea of free satellite TV and those behind Openview HD believe its business model is quite sustainable.  “Openview HD its business model is different. We are not a pay TV operator or a broadcaster for that matter,” said Maxwell Nonge of Platco. “We are more of a platform company that provides platform services to channels to broadcast their channels in the country. Channels will make their money from advertising revenues while Openview HD makes its money from charging the channels for carriage,” said Nonge. Openview HD will offer some high definition channels. This will complement the up-coming of Digital Terrestrial Television, to be launched soon by government.
There is still no word on what type of channels these will be, but it is expected that the eNCA channel will also be included in the line up. A sports channel, kids channel and a lifestyle channel are also touted to be on the line up of channels to be added. 

SABC is allegedly also looking to get into the deal with OpenView, according to a report by The Media Online

R1900 once off beats the R600+ monthly fee for DStv. Has Multichoice finally gotten a worthy competitor? I guess we shall wait and see. 

e.tv Scandal's major FAIL

Fans of popular e.tv soapie, Scandal were up in arms last night after Tuesday's episode was repeated. Many fans of the show took to Twitter to voice their anger and irritation about e.tv airing a repeat episode. 

e.tv has released a statement stating that they will rectify the mistake tonight, airing Wednesday and Thursday's episodes back to back.  The  following changes have been made to the schedule.

Viewers will receive the opportunity of watching  two back-to-back episodes scheduled  for tonight.
  • Scandal! Episode 1821 will now be scheduled at 19h30
  •  Scandal! Episode 1822 will now be scheduled at 20h00 (previously in the 19h30) slot.
 Late Nite News With Loyiso Gola (8) episode 2, previously scheduled at 20h00 has been dropped from the schedule. The late night repeat episodes of LNN remains unchanged. 

Zakeeya and Ryan win Strictly Come Dancing 6

I guess it's time to admit that we had our favourite and that favourite was Zakeeya Patel and her partner, Ryan Hammond! 
What a finale! Although not as excellent as the fifth season finale, where eventual winner, Rob van Vuuren, made the judges cry. None of the final two made the judges cry and its okay. At least they were still happy. 
Zakeeya has been on top form from the beginning. That group tango the ladies danced in the first episode is still stuck in our heads. That's when we realised that this lady could be the winner of this competition. 

We saw her grow as a dancer, and she wowed us with her sensual rumba! It was great. It was everything that was needed in a dance number. The judges then called her the dark horse of the competition, slowly eclipsing Lalla Hirayama who many had believed will win. 
Yesterday Zakeeya showed once again what an excellent dancer she was, getting almost perfect scores from the judges. The only non-perfect score was the judges music choice dance, which was as great as they and us would have liked, but it wouldn't be surprising if Zakeeya and Ryan were focusing on their freestyle. And they knocked it out the park! That freestyle is what won them this season's edition of Strictly Come Dancing! 

Congratulations to Ryan Hammond. Finally he held that crystal ball trophy! He's come very far and has improved his choreography immensely. A far cry from previous seasons, which is great. 

Lalla and Grant were amazing this season. Truly amazing and it was great to watch the passion on the dance floor. The respect for the craft, especially last week, where Lalla performed while she was sick. Last night she and Grant were amazing and their rumba reminded us why they were the couple to beat this season.

Thapelo and Hayley! What an amazing freestyle dance! The footwork, the pantsula, the costumes and the tasteful twerking from Hayley? It was a championship dance and we are sorry they couldn't perform it for the judges and get scored because they would've gotten the full house score of 30. 

Suggestions for next season
  • Bring back Nonhlanhla, Innocent and Brandon. The vocals were disappointing this season and poor JB Arthur deserves better. The dancers too.
  • Replace Marc Lottering with Rob van Vuuren. He took really long to be comfortable hosting the show, so how about they get Rob. He's a great TV show presenter and he's a former SCD champion. 
  • Add one more judge. The three we okay, but we need someone, like Dave Chambers on the judges panel. Just because. 
  • Move the show to Saturday. It's really difficult watching the show until 10pm, especially because we need to go to work the next day. So how about the next season on Saturdays at 7.30pm? 
  • Get Tebogo to choreograph more routines! That opening routine was FIRE and man, it once again showed what an excellent dancer Lindsey Muckle really is. 
  • Pick better celebrities. We need people who are going to be dedicated to the show and take it seriously. And can it not be people who have a dance background? 
  • Keep Pabi. She's got great camaraderie with the celebrities, well mostly because she moves in the same circles as them. 
Congratulations to SABC 3 for a ratings coup and also to Rapid Blue for a great season! let's hope it will be renewed for a seventh season. 

Kamini Pather wins MasterChef South Africa

Congratulations to Cape Town food blogger, Kamini Pather, who won the second season of M-Net's MasterChef South Africa. In a tightly contested finale between Kamini and the extremely talented 23 year old Leandri van der Merwe, Kamini came out tops. 

It was a very solid season of great cooking, major kitchen drama and we can only imagine what went on behind the scenes. Kamini was a firm favourite, as was Leandri, so it really was going to be a cracker of a finale. 

We are certain food bloggers are excited that one of their own has won the competition. 


Sofia Vergara: TV's highest paid actress

It's not surprising! Forbes has named Modern Family actress, Sofia Vergara, TV's highest paid actress! For the second year in a row,  the 41-year-old Colombian has earned $30m, 
up from a mere $19m in 2012. Mainly because of endorsement deals, which include Sears retailers, Diet Pepsi, as well as Spanish-language commercials for home entertainment, laundry detergent and insurance brands.

Here's the full list:
1. Sofia Vergara - $30 million
2. Mariska Hargitay and Kaley Cuoco - $11 million
3. Kardashians, Ellen Pompeo, Melissa McCarthy, Bethenny Frankel and Tina Fey - $10 million
4. Cobie Smulders - $9 million
5. Alyson Hannigan - $8 million
6. Amy Poehler and Julianna Margulies - $7 million
7. Lena Dunham, Zooey Deschanel and Courteney Cox - $6 million
8. Whitney Cummings - $5 million
9. Mindy Kaling - $4 million
10. Kerry Washington - $3 million