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Come Dine With Me SA: Season 3 Tonight

It's back! After a crazy second season, the BBC Entertainment show is back for another season. The third season premieres tonight at 8pm. Meet tonight's participants who are: 

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Serial prankster and HR Manager Zeyn Lovell, retired Mike Gahagan, self-proclaimed ‘ghetto gorgeous’ administrator Lerato Morabe, along with sassy sound engineer, blond bombshell Lisa Partington.

First up to host is jokester Zeyn, whose ‘Seventies’ theme delivers a wild first night, peppered with oh-so-naughty double entendres. Chaotic kitchen prep reveals Zeyn to have feet of crème-brulee, and his guests are treated to an extremely questionable meal choice.

Hosting the second evening is Lerato, and remarkably, her faith in pre-packaged cuisine actually pays off. Not a culinary bunch, this lot. Zeyn resurrects a tiresome prank, which is received almost as well as Lerato’s ghetto-themed trifle. The evening’s Great Gatsby dress code, a ‘Fifties night’ according to her version of history, is met with mixed feedback.    

Next up is Mike, who shifts into first gear on his hosting night, offering an array of vegetarian treats. How will the carnivores cope? Zeyn shares a predictable confession, and no-one mourns the passing of his tedious joke.

The final night and it’s up to Lisa to take the crown. Her starter is promising, but the evening takes a strange turn when her guests return from their snooping mission. Lisa’s main course is met with polite smiles, but what do her guests really think of her hostess skills?

Here's more details on who tonight's contestants are:

We are in for another interesting episode and season from the look of things! 

Tune in tonigth on BBC Entertainment at 8pm 

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