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Great TV is Back

The 2013/2014 TV season has officially started. Those who like keeping up with the latest seasons of TV series in the US and the UK (read SMtv) are in for treat.

Here are some of the shows we are looking forward to:

The Good Wife

The fifth season of the hit show will see some changes. The fourth season finale ended three months ago with Alicia Florrick leaving Lockhart/Gardner to join Cary's new law firm. So I guess we have to look forward to some David and Goliath type drama between the two firms.  Will Cary and Alicia be the new Will and Diane or will they butt heads? What will Will and Diane do with their stars leaving them and what about Will and Alicia? This is what Juliana Margulies had to say about the fifth season of the hit drama:
"It's going to be a really tumultuous time, I think. You're going to be on a whirlwind and then there's going to be an explosion. It's going to rock everyone's world on the show... "I think the biggest thing will be watching Alicia realize that her and Cary are not Will and Diane. The uphill battle will constantly be, 'Did I make a mistake?'" 

Firstly we just have to come out and say we hated most of the second season. It was truly disappointing that we had to deal with the Initiative story line, which was actually pointless. Did FauxManda, Takeda and the White Haired Man really have to die? And as much as Declan Porter was irritating, the writers could have written something interesting for him and Charlotte Grayson Clarke this season. Anyway enough about season two. Season three is said to be a return to season one goodness. The Initiative is all but dead and gone, Conrad is governor, Victoria's long lost son Patrick showed up on her door step last season. Nolan was arrested for Padma's death and Emily finally told Jack the truth. Now where does this leave us for this season? Will Victoria and Patrick work it out? Will Nolan stay in jail? And Conrad? will he be a good governor? We can't wait to see what will play out. 

The Walking Dead

Fox International Channels has just announced that the popular zombie drama will be aired 24 hours AFTER the US! That's major news and it's a move once again by FIC to show that they are making TV for an international audience and not just the US. Season three left us with us hating The Governor so much! Andrea killed the zombified Milton, and then she shot herself with Rick's pistol  to prevent her own reanimation.  The ever loyal Michonne stayed with her til the end, shedding a few tears. Rick and team led an ambush and they returned to the prison along with the residents of Woodbury who stayed behind. The Governor is at large. I'm certain that Michonne is gunning for The Governor's blood. 
Catch The Walking Dead on FOX on Monday 14 October 2013. 

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is arguably one of the best shows on TV right now. Amy Poehler is excellent as Leslie Knope and together with her co-stars, they make the show so funny. The comedic timing, the acting and the chemistry between the actors brings us such joy. So the fifth season ended with Pawnee citizens wanting Leslie out of the council, Tom considered an offer for Rent-a-Swagg, April went to Vet School, and Andy found a pregnancy test. This new season will open with Leslie, Ben, Andy and April in London, where Leslie will be receiving an award for her work and dedication to local government. Will we find out who's pregnant? And what will happen with April and Andy? 
The sad news about Parks and Rec is that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are leaving the show after the 13th episode of this season. What does this mean for Leslie and Ann's friendship? Let's hope the good writing on the show deals with their loss in a great way. 


Homeland had a rather disappointing second season, one which we hope will be rectified with an excellent third season. The second season was rather disjointed and honestly, I don't know what they were trying to do. The finale was a return to season one goodness though. At the VP's funeral, at CIA headquarters, where Carrie and Brody were also present, but slipped out for some loving. A bomb blast from Brody's car killed all the assembled mourners, including the VP's family (poor Dana Brody's boyfriend, Finn, is dead) and also CIA boss David Estes. Carrie and Brody got out just in time, with Carrie helping Brody cross the border to Canada, after a confession video was played, that smeared Brody as the terrorist who responsible.  
Saul was at Abu Nazir's burial at sea (Bin Laden style) and came back to find everyone dead. At least he thought everyone. He saw that Carrie is alive and smiled. So what now this season? Well Brody is on the run, Carrie is back to her unhinged self and Saul is in charge at the CIA. The season will be focused more on character development, which is always a great thing.  Here's a review of the first two episodes of season three: HOMELAND

The Vampire Diaries

While we are personally so over vampires (and True Blood is ending too), we can't deny that Elena and the Salvatore brothers are still a hit. The fourth season ended with Elena and Damon together and with Elena being a senior, it means she's going to college this season. What will happen to them? Stefan is still trapped under the lake by Silas and we can't help wonder if Elena won't try and save him. Something bad is bound to happen. Now the question is what? 
The Vampire Diaries spin off, The Originals will also be airing this season. We just need to find out from DStv whether they will be showing it anytime this year. 

Game of Thrones

While we have to wait a few more months before this iconic show comes back, it's still great and after the amazing third season and it's shocking Red Wedding episode, we can't wait to see what they will do next. But one thing we have to look forward to it the Purple Wedding, which apparently is the Red Wedding times a million. We are already salivating at who will possibly die. What if it's Joffrey? Or what if it's sadly, Jon Snow and the rest of the Starks? And what will happen to the Khaleesi? 
Set pictures of the fourth season being shot have leaked on Reddit. Here's a link to check out the pictures

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