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Quotes of Oprah's The Next Chapter interview with Tina Turner

While in Switzerland for Tina Turner's wedding to Erwin Bach, Oprah Winfrey took a chance and interviewed Turner for her OWN talk show Oprah's Next Chapter, in the South of France.  In it the 73-year-old  performer opened up about her recent wedding, career and her legacy. She also spoke about her marriage to Ike Turner, her name change, her iconic German Vogue cover and also her Swiss citizenship. 

Turner made headlines when she married Bach, a German music producer. The lavish wedding took place at their home in Switzerland, nestled on the banks of Lake Zurich, with more than 120 guests. It was while she was in Switzerland for the wedding that Oprah had that racist incident at a boutique.

Here are some excerpts from the interview
Why she decided to finally marry Bach

"There comes a time in life when you must put things in place," she said. "First I started consolidating, getting rid of property. I got rid of a house in France, a property in America. I made a situation for my sons. Anything that was costly I totally got rid of. Then it occurred to me, if something happened in death for me, Erwin would have no say, and I thought it was a bit unfair to live with someone as long as we are, and not to give him any say."

On her 2009 Farewell Tour:

"Nobody ever knew how much I was tired of singing and dancing. It's work! My body had started to react to working with high blood pressure. I started taking medication and it slowed me down. I couldn't get into that second gear, to fly! I couldn't hit my notes! Dammit, I couldn't hit those notes! I had to really fake those notes, somehow. But I managed it! It took every drop of life and energy out of me and it would take until next evening for me to restore that energy. So, I did nothing than that so I could complete, continue."

How hard was it to hang up those dancing shoes?

"Oprah, my friend, very easy, I wanted to retire and not worry. That's what that tour did for me. At that moment, I had a revelation: I'm going home now. I'm going home, in a big way. Not just the house. I was going to a place where I decided for the last stage of my life where I wanted to be."

On her marriage to Ike Turner and how she feels about him 

"I didn't feel anything about Ike, whether he was dead or alive, at that time. It was twenty years. The memory was totally gone from my mind. So when I heard he had died, it was like hearing about a person I didn't know anymore."

What about her own death?

"Even when talking about when it's time to go, to leave to another planet. I'm excited about that, because I'm curious! I'm not excited to die, but I don't regret it when it's time for me! I've done what I came here to do. Now it's pleasure." 

How do you get to the space where you desire nothing?

"First it is a journey. You're born, and then you go through the journey and then you leave the journey. How you manage the journey is very important. I stayed on track, I stayed on course. I had a wish: my wish was to arrive here, where I am today. I'm happier than I ever imagined what happiness was! Happiness was always material things. A feeling comes over you of wellness, no schedule, nobody bothering you, nothing in your way. Just that moment of you sitting there where you want to be."

On her Swiss citizenship 

"I feel totally safe there, I like how the Swiss are living. I felt like I had finished living in America."

For more, check YouTube and the OWN website.

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  1. Of all the people in the world that I could choose to admire; Tina Turner is absolutely that person. She is absolutely beautiful in every aspect. I certainly do not covet her but given the choice of someone to model after - it is definitely Tina. She is a survivor, had the guts to get away and choose love for a happy life. Congratulations over and over. They could not keep you down!!!