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The Discovery Channel presents Ben Earl: Trick Artist.

I'm not really a fan of magic shows, but when it's good, only then will I watch. I've watched Dynamo's show and also the show on e.tv showing viewers how magicians trick us. To be honest, I watch them mostly when I'm bored, so I don't always watch them because they are interesting. Anyway enough about me and magic shows. Discovery South Africa just announced a new show for the channel- Ben Earl: Trick Artist. Here's the press release for more details about the show.

*** Press Release***
This month South African viewers will find out why Ben is the UK's newest and most talked about illusionist when his debut series Ben Earl: Trick Artist premieres on the Discovery Channel  on  25th  September  at  8.30pm.
 Having spent time with pickpockets in New York and fooling casinos around the world, Ben Earl has become the master of deception. Combined with his natural charm, mischievousness and unprecedented sleight of hand skills, Ben has mastered the unimaginable. But, rather than using his skills to cross the line he's done a lot of good and instead channels his knowledge on the subject of deception - how to spot it and how to be aware of it - for many high profile organisations.
In this brand new four-part series Ben makes his next move, setting himself remarkable challenges to deceive and surprise a group of people with nothing but his extraordinary skill and his ability to mislead. Each episode will be devoted to the themes of crime, art, money and science, featuring unbelievable stunts and tricks with a spectacular theatrical feel.
"A lot of the stuff that we are doing comes from a creative position and is heavily influenced by the art world, movies and other madness like that. There are other people that do sleight of hand but I tend to do my stuff very differently – you will see," said Ben.
 From jumping off buildings and climbing across moving cars, to setting himself on fire and attempting to catch a bullet, Ben is holding nothing back in this show which is guaranteed to be yet another thrilling series for South African Discovery Channel viewers.
 "We are incredibly excited to bring Ben Earl to our South African viewers," said Lee Hobbs, Channel Director, Emerging Business, Discovery Networks CEEMEA. "Ben is a fantastic new talent who, like Dynamo, takes the magic genre to a whole new level and viewers are sure to be amazed by him when the show airs later this month

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