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The Funniest Jokes from the Roast of James Franco

This is one of the best roasts that everyone, from Hollywood, to us, ordinary people, have been waiting for- The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco. The special was taped in late August and it aired in the USA last week. 
Franco is one of the most hardworking actors in Hollywood, yet it's that smug attitude that makes him a polarizing character. His tenure as host of the 2011 Academy Awards with Anne Hathaway, further made him one of the actors we love to tease. 
South Africa will get to see the Roast of James Franco on Tuesday, 24 September at 9pm on Comedy Central. 

Here are just some of the jokes from the Roast of James Franco. (There was a lot of gay jokes. Apologies to sensitive readers.) 
Seth Rogen: “James has acted alongside some amazing actors — Robert DeNiro, Tommy Lee Jones. He once played opposite an unruly chimp with giant teeth but it was worth it because Eat, Pray, Love turned out awesome. What? Is she here? She’s not here. Like she f–king watches this bulls–t.
Rogen: “Franco, you look like you’re asleep. Did you just read a James Franco book? In all seriousness, he is a very hardworking actor. He once told me he worked for 36 hours straight, which I don’t believe, the straight part, obviously.”
Nick Kroll: “James Franco is truly our generation’s James Dean. So handsome that you forget he’s only been in two good movies. Dean, of course, died at the tender age of 24 sparing himself the embarrassment of writing self-indulgent short stories and getting roasted by a bunch of jealous Jew monsters.
Sarah Silverman: “I can’t tell if this is the dais or the line to suck Judd Apatow’s balls. This dais is so Jewey. What is this, the Comedy Central audit of James Franco?”
Silverman: “James recently won the ally award for his support of the LGBT community. It’s a prestigious award that’s given anally, annually. It’s given annually.”
Aziz Ansari: “So many gay jokes tonight about Franco. Apparently if you’re clean, well dressed and mildly cultured, you’re super gay now. Is that why the rest of you guys are so aggressively fat and dirty? You think if you read one book and take a shower, d***s are going to just fly into your face.” 
 And of course Franco's response to the roast
Franco: “The joke’s on all of you. This is not a roast. This is my greatest most elaborate art installation ever. I’m not the real guest of honor, these aren’t real comedians and we’re not even on a real network. What you’ve seen tonight was my brilliant opus to sequester an artistic visionary and subject him to the mindless incoherent trashings of talentless abnormalities. I call it Genius Unscathed and this is my masterpiece”

Tune in on Tuesday, 24 September 2013.  

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