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The Killing Returns on Showcase

Season 3 of the crime thriller, The Killing returns for a third season on Heritage Day (24 September 2013) at 9.30pm. The show is the American adaptation of the hit Danish crime show, Forbrydelsen.

After the taxing Rosie Larson case, which took two seasons to solve, and cost the show viewers, even with the great acting from   and , who play Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder.
The third season takes place a year later and Linden and Holder are no longer partners. In fact, Linden is now retired from the force. But while Holder is working on a murder case, he realises similarities with a case that Linden worked on a few years before, which is then the vehicle that is used to get Linden back into the force. 

The writing is great and Mireille and Joel are excellent in their roles. The Rosie Larson case is over for good, which is a relief. Two seasons of one case was just so exhausting. Peter Sarsgaard also stars in the third season and is a key character in Linden and Holder solving this crime.

So if you're a fan of great crime thrillers, tune into The Killing. 

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