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Who Should Win Strictly Come Dancing Season 6?

That’s the question that we are all trying to answer. The sixth season of the popular dance reality show ends tomorrow and the final three are Zakeeya Patel and Ryan Hammond; Lalla Hirayama and Grant Esterhuizen and Thapelo Mokoena and Hayley Bennet.

Here is what one of the judges, Samantha Peo is expecting from the finalists: “I want to see performances that inspire and that can lift us all higher. I want to see absolute passion and commitment, and above all, absolute enjoyment.”

Zakeeya & Ryan

The frontrunners have been on fire from day one. Their competition has always been Lalla and Grant. The judges have rarely complained about technique and choreography. They’ve always been entertained and the audience has always been entertained too. Zakeeya became the one to beat when they danced the Rumba and the judges called her the dark horse of the competition.
They impressed once again in the semi-final last week with their Tango and Pasodoble, earning themselves high scores from the judges, consisting only of 9’s and 10’s. We expect them to choose the Rumba for their favourite dance and we also cannot wait for their freestyle, which should be fire!

Lalla & Grant

Also frontrunners, they’ve been far ahead of the pack, at one stage even further than Zakeeya and Ryan, who soon realized that their main competition was Lalla and Grant and their rivalry has been great to see. The dance floor won because Lalla and Grant were also on top form. The judges loved them from the beginning and not because of Lalla’s beauty (looking at you, Michael) but also because they were such diligent dancers, with great choreography and their chemistry on the dance floor has been excellent!
Lalla gained so much respect from us last week when she performed in the bottom two, sick. She’s been sickly for the past two weeks, so having her put her all on the dance floor, could win her the competition. And that she danced better than she had before, showed the passion.
We hope they’ll also perform their Rumba for their choice dance and we bet the freestyle will be as entertaining as we expect.

Thapelo & Hayley

They’ve always been the bubbling under couple. They’d have a great week and then a disappointing week. If we are honest, we expected Graeme and Lindsay to be in the final and not Thapelo and Hayley and this goes to show how important voting is in the competition. But we digress.
Hayley is the queen of themed choreography and we’ve seen her and Thapelo as stones and also as cop and robber, to name a few. But to their credit, Hayley wants to make sure that the viewers are also entertained at home, as they should be. Hence the themes keep working for her.
There’s not one particular dance of theirs that we’d be disappointed if they don’t dance. We are mostly looking forward to their freestyle as that could be what wins us over.
They have a 33% chance of winning.

Our money is on Zakeeya and Ryan- however, we wouldn’t mind if Lalla and Grant won too. Let’s see which of the three couples gets the judges in tears, like last season’s winner, Rob van Vuuren did with Mary Martin.

Tune in for the finale on SABC 3 tomorrow at 8pm.

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