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Zakeeya and Ryan win Strictly Come Dancing 6

I guess it's time to admit that we had our favourite and that favourite was Zakeeya Patel and her partner, Ryan Hammond! 
What a finale! Although not as excellent as the fifth season finale, where eventual winner, Rob van Vuuren, made the judges cry. None of the final two made the judges cry and its okay. At least they were still happy. 
Zakeeya has been on top form from the beginning. That group tango the ladies danced in the first episode is still stuck in our heads. That's when we realised that this lady could be the winner of this competition. 

We saw her grow as a dancer, and she wowed us with her sensual rumba! It was great. It was everything that was needed in a dance number. The judges then called her the dark horse of the competition, slowly eclipsing Lalla Hirayama who many had believed will win. 
Yesterday Zakeeya showed once again what an excellent dancer she was, getting almost perfect scores from the judges. The only non-perfect score was the judges music choice dance, which was as great as they and us would have liked, but it wouldn't be surprising if Zakeeya and Ryan were focusing on their freestyle. And they knocked it out the park! That freestyle is what won them this season's edition of Strictly Come Dancing! 

Congratulations to Ryan Hammond. Finally he held that crystal ball trophy! He's come very far and has improved his choreography immensely. A far cry from previous seasons, which is great. 

Lalla and Grant were amazing this season. Truly amazing and it was great to watch the passion on the dance floor. The respect for the craft, especially last week, where Lalla performed while she was sick. Last night she and Grant were amazing and their rumba reminded us why they were the couple to beat this season.

Thapelo and Hayley! What an amazing freestyle dance! The footwork, the pantsula, the costumes and the tasteful twerking from Hayley? It was a championship dance and we are sorry they couldn't perform it for the judges and get scored because they would've gotten the full house score of 30. 

Suggestions for next season
  • Bring back Nonhlanhla, Innocent and Brandon. The vocals were disappointing this season and poor JB Arthur deserves better. The dancers too.
  • Replace Marc Lottering with Rob van Vuuren. He took really long to be comfortable hosting the show, so how about they get Rob. He's a great TV show presenter and he's a former SCD champion. 
  • Add one more judge. The three we okay, but we need someone, like Dave Chambers on the judges panel. Just because. 
  • Move the show to Saturday. It's really difficult watching the show until 10pm, especially because we need to go to work the next day. So how about the next season on Saturdays at 7.30pm? 
  • Get Tebogo to choreograph more routines! That opening routine was FIRE and man, it once again showed what an excellent dancer Lindsey Muckle really is. 
  • Pick better celebrities. We need people who are going to be dedicated to the show and take it seriously. And can it not be people who have a dance background? 
  • Keep Pabi. She's got great camaraderie with the celebrities, well mostly because she moves in the same circles as them. 
Congratulations to SABC 3 for a ratings coup and also to Rapid Blue for a great season! let's hope it will be renewed for a seventh season. 

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