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Community TV News: Cape Town TV Joins DStv

South Africa's community TV industry is growing, with the country now having four different community TV stations. Soweto TV, 1KZN TV, Bay TV, Tshwane TV and now Cape Town TV are channels dedicated to serving their communities, airing shows and programmes that are of interest to their communities. 

However in South Africa, most homes need satellite TV to be able to view these channels and it's not surprising therefore that Cape Town TV have chosen Multichoice's DStv to screen the channel to a nationwide audience. With involvement from seasoned TV personalities like Soli Philander (who presents Taxi Ride) and now Liezel van der Westhuizen and Nicole Biondi, who present 48 Hours,  could it be the best community TV channel? 

Here's a list of the shows you can expect on the channel- DStv 263

*** Press Release***

·        CTV News: A daily ten-minute news bulletin covering topical events and delving into the underlying socio-economic issues that affect the community.
·        Documentaries: CTV is most well known in Cape Town for its innovative, thought-provoking an often controversial documentary programmes. 
·        Ek Sê: An innovative, daily youth programme produced by and for youth from the Cape flats and beyond. It focuses on important social issues affecting youth as well as looking at the lighter side of life. 
·        Taxi Vision: Cape Town’s famous funnyman Soli Philander and his crew take viewers on an uproarious “taxi ride” where they delve into the things that get Capetonians talking, uncover the talents of local performers and entertain viewers with songs and their irreverent wit.
·        Al Jazeera English: Outstanding journalism and insightful coverage of news events from around the world. This global news organisation often delivers reports on events in South Africa. 
·        Flip-side of the Coin: Consumer rights journalist Moeshfieka Botha talks to experts on consumer issues and personal finance, educating and informing viewers on how to manage their financial affairs.
·        Democracy Now: Looks at international current affairs from a progressive perspective.
·        Cape Rugby: CTV’s popular amateur rugby show, where sports personality J.P. Naudé chats to players and officials from the Western Province Rugby Union on matches, results and rugby issues.
·        From the Clubhouse:  This sports show focuses on amateur cricket in Cape Town. Discussions with cricketers take place in local club houses, highlighting what’s happening on the cricket pitch.
·        T.E.D. Talks: The latest advances in Technology, Education and Design – fascinating, illustrated talks delivered by pioneers, inventors and innovative thinkers in a wide variety of fields.
·        Wellness for Her: Targeting working class women and focusing on women's health and wellbeing.
·        Worker’s World: The Worker’s World labour show brings in experts to discuss issues affecting people in the workplace as well as human rights issues in communities.
·        Vibrations Radio: The local alternative music scene.
·        Link TV: International culture and world music. 
·        Open Studio: Promoting public access and freedom of expression, this daily slot gives members of the community an opportunity to host their own talk show on any topic.
·        CTV Sport: Shines a light on sporting codes that are under-represented in the media, especially women's sports, and creates a space to discuss issues in sport such as sports development and transformation.
·        Street Talk: CTV's longest standing independent production that brings together ordinary people to talk about issues ranging from sex to the state of our democracy.

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