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e.tv explains why it pulled out of the RSAs

When we received the nominees list for the first annual Royalty Soapie Awards (RSAs) yesterday, we noticed that the two popular e.tv soapies, Rhythm City and Scandal were not included in any of the categories. It turns out that e.tv had pulled out of the awards.

We sent an email to e.tv's General Manager of Group Communications, Matlapulana Ragoasha inquiring about this. This is the response we were given:

"e.tv has declined to participate in this year’s Royalty Soapie Awards. The Channel did not have sufficient information about the awards, it's judging processes and overall objective. We have made plans to meet with the organisers later this year to discuss the prospects of e.tv participating next year."
As we stated in the article on the SMtv blog yesterday, this is disappointing as the competition now excludes Rhythm City and Scandal which is unfortunate because there were some great performances on both soapies that deserved to be nominated and even win an award. 

A highly placed source tells us that e.tv had reached out to the organisers of the RSAs and wanted to be told about the judging process, who the judges were and the criteria. Apparently the RSAs were not forthcoming with the information and of course e.tv got cold feet about participating in the awards. 

With the two soapies, which together command nearly 8 million viewers a day for e.tv, out of competition, it's a big blow for the RSAs. 

We certainly hope that this will be sorted out in time for next year's edition of the awards. 
e.tv did the same last year when they pulled out of the South African Film and Television Awards. 

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