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Idols Top 9 Performance: We Pick Our Best 3

I sometimes wonder how we can keep up with all these shows that are on TV. Especially reality competition shows like Idols, SA's Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance. This is on top of the dramas, comedies, talk shows, soapies, reality shows and documentaries we are bombarded with daily. 

Anyway we are now finally getting around to our pick of Sunday's best performances from the Idols top 9.

Firstly a moment of silence for the brilliant RJ Benjamin and his baritone! Didn't know he could sing bass! He was the perfect Ike to Tina. Anyway, Bunny was always going to kill it with this iconic Tina Turner song. She owned it, made it her own, while also not dancing like she was trying to be Tina. Nope. She was just reaffirming that she's Bunny and she wants to win this! It immediately pushed her as one of the people we would like to see in the final two. Pity though about the outfit. Who does wardrobe for Idols? M-Net, fix this. Get your Idols proper costumes that are performance appropriate.

It was always going to be a success. Honestly whenever the Idols take on local songs, I liek the performance even more and thank goodness Ringo Madlingozi's awesome music was finally recognised by a contestant on Idols. There's so much international music that sometimes it doesn't feel like a local show. And kill it, he did! Is it us or are the front runners starting to pick up speak and gallop ahead of everyone? Nicely done Musa. And his outfit wasn't bad. 

Okay, so first things first- Sonke, what happened to your Zulu headress? Now that that is over, man, what a performance. You know when the original artist tweets that they are impressed with your performance, then you should know that you knocked it out the park. Another local song being sung on Idols and it was done justice. As Bonang Matheba fans always say on Twitter: #theywereneverready 

These are currently our pick for top three and this Sunday they'll need to impress once again so they can go the next round. Anyone of them can win the competition.

Side Note: Did Brenden Ledwaba peak too soon? Or are his song choices letting him down?

This week the contestants are being mentored by Trevor Jones, which should be interesting.  The legendary composer and score master for many iconic movies, including Notting Hill, The Last of the Mohicans, Cleopatra and Around the World in Eighty Days. 

Catch Idols on M-Net and Mzansi Magic, Sundays at 5.30pm 

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