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Johnny Apple wins SA's Got Talent

Johnny Apple after winning SA's Got Talent. Pic (Matthews Baloyi)
What a finale. 

16 year old Johnny Apple, from George in the Western Cape, won the fourth season of e.tv and Rapid Blue's SA's Got Talent. The talented singer walked away with the R250 000 and beat 6000 contestants to win the show.  Talented rapper, Lil Diezo and wunderkinds the JustinLeigh Band were second and third respectively.

"I can't believe that this is happening to me. I just want to thank everyone who voted for their support. This is crazy and amazing at the same time, "Johnny said after the finale last night. Johnny impressed from the very first episode. His voice is unbelievable and he definitely has what it takes to be a great musician. 

This whole season we marveled at the talent and how most of the excellent contestants were under 20. From the above mentioned acts, to dancer, Luzuko Namba, singer and Nadia van der Westhuizen, the Top 6 contestants were all under 20, and the Glamipulator was the oldest, aged 22. 

Johnny Apple deserved to win the competition. He delivered from the first episode, the semi-final and the final. We now hope that he can release his album quickly and work with esteemed musicians and producers like RJ Benjamin. 

e.tv's head of channel, Monde Twala said: "We wish Johnny Apple the best as he realises his talent. It’s been a great season of SA's Got Talent with outstanding talent and all the finalists worked really hard to be in the competition. It gives us great pride as a channel to play a role in showcasing South Africa’s diverse talent and cultures."

Review of the Finale

The performances last night were great. The biggest surprise was Lil Diezo. That boy keeps getting better and better and it will not be surprising if he makes it big in the industry. He raps better than some of SA's finest rappers (looking at you Sean Pages, L-Tido and TearGas). Luzuko's dubstep dancing is out of this world and I doubt if South Africa was ready for a talent like him. But his future is definitely in dance choreography.
The JustinLeigh Band- the musicality of these two children is just on another level. They are also going to be a success and the music industry should embrace them now and nurture their talent. 
Nadia's song choices constantly let her down. Last night's performance of Brandi Carlile's The Story was not the right song choice. Like Judy Garland's Over the Rainbow. She is still young and she has a beautiful voice, so the world truly is her oyster.
The Glamipulator is amazing. Magicians are very basic- but he puts emotion in his work, which is not common for a magician. He moved us and that's exactly what you want in a talent! 

Season review

This season we saw some very interesting acts, from the excellently good to the atrociously bad, it was a great season. It was certainly an improvement from last season, which was honestly a sham. Some of the 'talents' from last season left much to be desired. Thank goodness the judges were extra tough this season and harder to impress. Because of that we got a great mix of great talent, which we last saw in the first two seasons when the show was still on SABC 2. 

Also kudo's to the host, Tats Nkonzo for a great job this season. While he is still not up to Ant and Dec or Nick Cannon standard, he has improved immensely and I wish he'd have the freedom to participate more during the show and be the witty comedian we know him to be. 

Let's hope the show will be renewed soon and be back on our screens in early 2014. 
"Johnny South Africa LOVES U!" and they proved it! 

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