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Miley: The Movement on MTV Tonight

From sweet Hannah Montana to Twerking, Skimp Dressing Miley Cyrus
"I think if people could see the details, they would know that this isn’t just some mess. This is all thought out in my mind. Every decision goes into a bigger plan."- Miley Cyrus, 2013

“People always want to call it a transition.  It’s not a transition.  I'm the same human, I've got the same heart I did 5 years ago.  Everything about me is the same.  Same skin, same human. So it's not a transition. It’s, it’s a movement. It’s a growth.  It’s a change.” - Miley Cyrus, 2013

It's the transformation that makes Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in the early 2000s appear like saints. Miley Cyrus, formerly star of Disney's Hannah Montana, has gone over to the dark side and like her 2010 song proclaimed, She Can't Be Tamed. 

After that tongue-wagging performance at the MTV VMAs this year, Miley's life has changed. She broke up with her fiancee, has apparently hooked up with her producer, Mike Will Made It, has become as risque as she possibly can and she also did a documentary with MTV called Miley: The Movement which airs tonight on MTV (DStv 130) at 8.30pm

The hour doccie will follow Miley on a whirlwind journey from being a Hannah Montana and the pop star she is now. It will show her evolution from the teeny bopper, Disney star to what she is now- a controversial artist who makes the news more for her exploits than her music. According to MTV, Miley: The Movement will "chronicle her triumphs and struggles at home, in the studio and on the road, as well as the planning, rehearsals, performance and media frenzy surrounding her 2013 “MTV Video Music Awards” medley with Robin Thicke."

Miley releases her album, Bangerz next Tuesday and her song, Wrecking Ball was the number one song on Billboard last week. 

"Right now I still feel like I'm beginning."- Miley Cyrus, 2013

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