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Nicky Greenwall's The Big Picture

Could Nicky Greenwall be one of the hardest working TV presenters and producers in South Africa? It wouldn't be surprising. 

After new seasons of Screentime and The Close Up, comes The Big Picture- a movie review show. From red carpet premiere interviews, sit down chats with actors and previews and reviews of the latest releases, The Big Picture seeks to keep movie fans satiated with all the latest in the film world. 

The Big Picture, which will premiere on Tuesday, 19 November at 9.30pm on e.tv and eNCA, is Nicky's fourth current production for e.tv. She said that The Big Picture aims to be an overview of everything that is making an impact on the local box office every week. 

“This is a show for people who love movies. It's escapism, it's engaging, it's entertaining – all the things a good movie should be,”  she said in a statement. “We want The Big Picture to put all these movie releases into a local context for our audiences. These days there is so much out there to choose from – people need to really be convinced that a movie is for them before they buy a ticket or hit that “download” button."

According to a statement released by e.tv, The Big Picture will feature all the latest red carpet premieres of local and international releases in the week before they make their debut in SA cinemas. Aside from all the big screen action – the show will also feature a segment on classic movies making a reappearance on the small screen.

How does Nicky manage all these shows? She gave birth earlier this year and we can't imagine how she does all of this with a newborn. The Close Up ends on 12 November and the third season of Screentime with Nicky Greenwall starts in April 2014. We do wish that she'd bring back The Showbiz Report, which was an excellent show and was different from all the others. 

So if you're a movie fan, don't miss The Big Picture, which replaces The Close Up, from Tuesday, 19 November at 9.30pm on e.tv and ENCA. 

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