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Re-cap of the SA's Got Talent Live Semi-Final

Lyrical Swagg
e.tv has compiled a re-cap of what happened on SA's Got Talent last night during the first semi-final. The results show of this semi-final airs tonight at 9.35pm.

Here's the re-cap from e.tv with comments on what we think of the acts

1. Trevor Schoonraad, a pole dancer from Cape Town, was first to perform, the judges loved him and so did the viewers.
Pole dancing is all the rage and after Rihanna's antics on her Pour It Up video, we are sure it's going to catch on. Now from a guy's perspective, it's always interesting seeing males do pole-dancing. It's like forbidden fruit. But it's talent and there was actual choreography. 

2. The Justin-Leigh Band from Randburg was up next. 10-year-old Jamie-Lee on drums and 6-year-old Justin-Lee had Kabelo in tears.
This family is just amazing. Really. Justin is a whizz and Jamie is on another tip. If they don't make it through to the finals, there's something wrong with South Africans. 

3. Lyrical Swagg from Krugersdorp rapped and danced with brooms and captured the judges and audience with their moves and lyrics.
They were a surprise during the auditions. They did something unexpected and maybe that's why the judges loved them too, Of course they are triple threats- they sing, dance and rap, so naturally their performance was going to be excellent. Even if we don't see them winning the show, they still have a chance in the industry. 

4. Divyog & Keeran from Durban got the audience into a nice groove with their traditional Indian music and singing.
Durban represent! Or rather KZN! They are excellent and we it's so different. They are serious about this and it wouldn't be surprising seeing them in the final.

5. Ezio Miller, a hip-hop dancer from Cape Town, got the crowd excited with his unique dance moves.
Hip Hop dancing just keeps getting better! #Thatsall 

6. Glamipulator from Khayelitsha in Cape Town was the last act for the evening and blew everyone away with his magic card tricks. Cards of different sizes and colours appeared and disappeared during his performance and left the judges and audience bemused.
Magicians are always touch 'n go, but when they do best, they do best. Card tricks never get old, however, I don't know if I would pay good money to see a magician's act. But he's good!

The talent really is great this year and that's awesome. Is it us or was Ian looking rather darker? Is he tanned or was it tanning lotion gone too far? 

Tune into the results show tonight at 9.35pm on e.tv 

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