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SA's Got Talent Second Semi-Final Tonight

The thing about reality competition shows where the viewers vote for their favourite act, it sometimes means that the best talent has to go home and the favourite stays. Not this time!

I was not surprised when The Justin-Leigh Band and Glamipulator were announced as the first two to go through to the finale! The talent this season was exceptional and honestly, it was going to be very hard to choose who was going to go through. 

I have to say I'm happy with the choice South Africa made, especially with the amazingly awesome Justin-Leigh Band! Those kids are talented! 
And even though I'm sad for Lyrical Swagg. But I do believe those ladies have a chance in the industry.

Tonight is the second semi-final and we'll see performances by:

UCK- Dancers
Tronix- Variety
Lil Diezo- Vocalist
Gerrard Q’vlliers- Variety
Johnny Apple- Vocalist

I have favourites in this group too- Johnny Apple, Lil Diezo and Gerrard Q'vlliers. I'm amazed by the level of talent shown by the youngins on the show- it's refreshing really and just goes to show how much talent South Africa really has. Lil Diezo is so good that Shado stood up and went to go give him a hug. Is he a shoo in for the finale? I don't know. But if either of these three make it in, then I'll be very happy. 

Tune in for the second semi-final tonight on e.tv at 8.30pm 

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