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South African Soccer Legends on Isidingo Tonight

Tonight on Isidingo sees former soccer players, Lucas Radebe, Steve Lekoelea and Edward Motale appearing at the show, in supporting Skhumbuzo launching his new TV show at The Rec Club. If reviewers remember, Skhumbuzo is a famous former soccer player. 

Here's a synopsis detailing the reason why the three legends are appearing on the SABC 3 soap tonight: 

S’khu “The Player” marks his return to fame, form and frolicking with a soft launch around his TV show, at The Rec. Not only that but he has a new assistant. As part of his own training, Ben is assigned to S’khu as an assistant. Frank thinks it’s a good way to learn how to deal with difficult people in the media; S’khu and Ben aren’t sure entirely what to think. In fact when it comes to Ben people are starting to wonder what he’s actually up to.
Plans move ahead for the launch which will be part of the show focused on the life and times of a football ‘player’. The night is glamorous, provocative and has a ting of bling, Calvin did a good job. Whilst there he picks up not one but three girls and decides to take his time deciding which one is the one he wants to keep. In the process he annoys Palesa, falls out with Calvin and finds an unusual drinking partner in Ben. He knows he must decide which girl he wants to be with but Palesa has already made up her mind that when it comes to keeping his bed warm he’ll have to settle for a hot water bottle.
Things take an interesting turn when Ben takes over his reality show and takes it in a new and unwelcome direction. Where he wants to look like a player extraordinaire Ben is determined to make him look like struggling player wanna-be. S’khu needs to find a way to keep up his newly regained player status and his control of his show. 
It should be interesting, not to mention funny, when we see how the soccer stars translate on camera, especially Steve, whom we haven't seen in a couple of years. 

Will this help with the ratings of the floundering soap? We sure hope so. Instead of getting more viewers, it's concerning how even The Bold and the Beautiful has more viewers than Isidingo. Is it the writing? Do people miss Cherel, Kimberly etc? Have they done some research to find out what viewers want from Isidingo? We can imagine how hard this must be for new writer, Liam Stratton. Let's hope that soon enough we'll see Isidingo get more than 2 million viewers. It can't be that people don't like SABC 3 productions- but there's something that needs to be done about it. 

Tune in to Isidingo tonight at 7.30pm on SABC 3.  

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