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The Walking Dead Season 4: What to Expect

The Walking Dead returns with a fourth season on Monday and after the dramatic third season finale, we are sure in for an explosive first episode.  We've seen it and man is it hectic. 
The show's new showrunner, Scott Gimple, spoke to Entertainment Weekly's Dalton Ross about the new season, whether there will be changes and how he takes the story forward. 
Before we get into this season, let’s talk about last season a bit. You guys killed off a lot of freakin’ characters on this show, and four of them were originals with Lori, T-Dog, Andrea, and Merle. Do you all ever discuss internally that maybe this is a little bit too much, too quickly? 

 It’s a high-wire act, really. You do what’s best for the story, first and foremost. That is the number one thing that we are serving. It’s scary to lose characters and you lose a tool in your toolbox, but so much of what we do on this show is about loss. I was thinking the other day just about what it would be like if Dale was in the story right now, and what kind of story of his that we could tell. There’s a big loss there. It’s very difficult to know one way or another, but at the end of the day if you feel it’s the best thing for the story, both currently and then also in the future, where things are leading, how it affects the other characters. That’s generally the metric that we’ve always sort of followed.

Does that mean we can expect the same in season 4?

 I would say season 4 isn’t a total reinvention of the wheel or anything, but I would hate to also phrase it as more of the same either. It’s the same world. It’s absolutely the same show, so nobody is safe.

 What was it like reading and hearing things when the showrunner changeover went down, especially when you saw blame being thrown around on social media or in other places? How did you handle that?

I think anybody — and I imagine you’re the same way — anybody that works in any sort of popular media knows that you read internet comments at your own risk. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, and, I don’t know…. I care about the fans a great deal, but I don’t know. I don’t want to be held hostage to Twitter at any point in my life.
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Tune in to the show on Monday, at 10pm on FOX

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