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TopTV apologises to subscribers

On Digital Media's TopTV was off air yesterday and subscribers were up in arms. They took to the satellite TV provider's Facebook page yesterday to complain about them not getting any channels and the lack of explanation from the company. 

TopTV has since apologised to their subscribers on Facebook and Twitter.  (Click on the links to see the apologies and the complaints from subscribers)

Dear Customer,
TopTV apologises to subscribers for the recent disconnections. This was due to a technical glitch in the new billing system. We are currently in the process of reactivating subscribers whose payments have reflected in the system.

Three years after being launched, TopTV is always in the news for the wrong reasons. They've lost channels more often than Multichoice gets new channels. It's alarming. 

What is wrong On Digital Media? Surely after three years they should be able to do things properly? They are losing channels, subscribers are leaving, even publicity personal is leaving TopTV. It is sad because the company had so much potential. Many people have told us that the only reason they still subscribe to TopTV is because of their news channels and how different they are from DStv's. Imagine now if DStv gets Fox, MSNBC, and the other smaller, yet excellent, news channels? 

What happened to the Chinese consortium, StarTimes, who won the bid for TopTV and are therefore the new owners? Here we thought they were going to clean house and get things going. Come on TopTV. We were rooting for you. 

Let's hope that subscribers will get their feeds back and that TopTV gets itself into order! 

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