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What to expect on Come Dine With Me Tonight

BBC Entertainment's Come Dine With Me South Africa rolls over to Durban this evening and as usual, it's packed with ridiculous people trying to prove to themselves (and the whole of South Africa) that they are great entertainers. 

Without further ado, here at the contestants on tonight's edition of Come Dine with Me South Africa BBC Entertainment at 8pm

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Gaming granny Jill Waddleton, hunter Diedre Macadam, sweet Abby Bryson, and outnumbered male and one of Durban's top events organisers, Sim Tshabalala.

The episode kicks off with host Jill Waddleton, whose 1970’s style menu includes fairy-tale concoctions like the mysteriously named ‘Potash’ for starters, and the confusing rosticciata for mains. If anyone wonders why her dress matches her table setting, they don’t say, and their equally diplomatic response to the fact that her dress was made and worn before most of her guests were born, shows an admirable respect for age.

Night two’s host is young Deidre Macadam, and if you go down to the woods today, you’ll probably find her hunting and skinning her own venison, because that’s exactly what she serves. Guests quickly learn that this girl is not to be messed with when they’re given a tour of her trophy room. Deidre’s cheesecake is met with mixed reviews, and her hip-hop entertainment hits one unsuspecting guest right between the eyes.

Poor Sim Tshabala, he has little chance facing a three-woman onslaught, and his night of hosting goes from bad to worse, despite his best efforts. The cutely named ‘cigars’ for starters cause predictable confusion, and although everyone recognises the chicken breast mains when they finally do arrive, no one takes joy in watching Sim squirm in his open-plan kitchen.

The final night is hosted by Abby Bryson, who hopes her chocolate pavlova will work wonders. She’s surprised when Sim arrives wearing head to toe Indian regalia, and fellow guest Jill digs herself an even deeper hole when she quietly muses if ‘namaste’ is a German word. All in all, a good night for host Abby, but with the kind of week that’s passed, all four contestants might be ready for a trip to the shrink

Pic: BBC Entertainment 

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