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What's Going On Generations?

Generations cast at the website launch party in June
What's the Story? 

Production on SABC 1 soapie, Generations,  which is currently celebrating 20 years on air, has been shutdown because the stars of the show refuse to sign contracts. 

CityPress reported on Sunday that the actors, which include Menzi Ngubane, Sophie Ndaba, Kaltlego Danke, Thambi Mngqolo and Xolixa Xaluva, are up in arms with the show's creator and executive producer, Mfundi Vundla because he is refusing to extend their one year contracts to three years. 

In June, Generations hosted a party to celebrate launch of their new website. At that party, the SABC's acting Chief Operating Officer, Hlaudi Motsoeneng, announced that Generations will sign a three year deal with the SABC. The cast then assumed that it meant that their contracts will also be renewed for three years, instead of the yearly renewal. 

The actors were expected to come onto set and resume shooting after a two week break, but production has had to shut down at the Auckland Park studios after they didn't pitch. Actors who didn't pitch include the above mentioned and also Zenande Mfenyana, Mandla Goduka and Maggie Benedict.

Channel24's Thinus Ferreira reported that the Generations actors want  "higher remuneration because they want to share in the success of the show and longer clear contracts."

According to the City Press, Vundla said that he would write them out of the show if they don't sign their yearly contracts and that if he gave them the three year contract, it would mean that he'd be "abdicating his right to write out nonperforming cast members."
He said he had enough episodes in the bag to go on without the actors with whom he’s at loggerheads, and would write them out of the show if the dispute could not be resolved," CityPress reported. 

What we think:

This is a tough one, but somehow we agree with Mfundi Vundla. Firstly it's not uncommon what SABC did, to renew the show for three years, meaning three more seasons. Fox did it with Glee, AMC did it with Mad Men. 

What we find odd is how the actors will also now suddenly want a three year contract. That's not common at all. Like Vundla said, making them sign a three year contract would mean he doesn't have the power to write off an actor on the show. Signing a three year contract makes no sense creatively and I wonder if some of the actors really want to spend more time on Generations (looking at you, Maggie Benedict.) With that being said, actors always want more money, but I doubt that they deserving to 'share in the success of the show'. Surely they make more than R50 000 a month each? It was rumoured when Connie Ferguson was on the show as Karabo Moroka, that she earning about R80 000 a month. That was three years ago. So one can imagine how much the lead actors, which include Menzi Ngubane, Sophie Ndaba, Katlego Danke, Winnie Modise, Luthuli Dlamini, are making a month.  
But another thing is, surely Mfundi can afford to give the main actors a three year contract? At least the top flight actors who have key roles- like Menzi, Sophie, Katlego, Winnie, Thami, Zenande? Surely it should'nt be a big train smash? 

We don't know how this matter will be resolved. It seems like neither party wants to let go and the actors have since got themselves a lawyer representing them.

What if Vundla writes all of them out? 

It's a pity that no statement has been released about the matter. 

This is a developing story and it will definitely have something new tomorrow.

PIC: Generations Facebook

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