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"Why is it still groundbreaking for a TV show like Scandal to have a black female star?"

Kerry Washington is making it rain as Olivia Pope on Scandal (The Fixer)
We came across this piece on the NewStatesman about why in 2013, it's still groundbreaking that a show like Scandal (The Fixer) exists. 

Written by the talented Bim Adewunmi the article makes points that we have been thinking about everytime there's any hype about the show. Scandal was always going to attract the racial comments- the first broadcast network black actress lead TV show since the 70s; a show created by a black woman (Shonda Rhimes) about a another black woman; and also the fact that Kerry Washington is the first black woman since the 90s to get nominated for a Leading Actress Emmy Awards. 

The show is good. Really good. The role of Olivia Pope has changed Kerry's life forever and it couldn't have come at a better time. Look how many mainstream magazines have had her on their glossy covers? She's even been named the most stylish person of 2013. All because of this now iconic role. 

But the sad thing is why has it taken so long for this to happen? Here are excerpts from the article: 
But back to Scandal, which is impressive while still carrying the mantle of startling "firsts" for a television show being broadcast in the 2010s. Here are the facts of it: it was created by a black woman, based on the life of a black woman, and stars a black woman in the lead role. Washington is the first black woman to be starring in a US primetime network show since the 1970s. For the show’s eighth episode of the current (third) series, creator Shonda Rhimes has enlisted the talent of Sundance-winning Best Director Ava DuVernay (in turn, she was the first African-American winner of that prize). Ebony magazine tells us it “will be the first time a Black woman directs a primetime network TV drama created by a Black woman and starring a Black woman.” It is 2013.
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