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End Game- Here's what we think about the show

SABC 1's new drama series, End Game, which stars Hlomla Dandala, Bubu Mazibuko, Ronnie Nyakale and Dineo Nchebeleng, started last night. Even with a slow start, it was only the final scene that showed the viewers that the series is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

Beautiful opening scenes. A montage of Khosi in the gym; her husband, Jet Hlatshwayo, a government minister, is having sex with Rose and Siya was being chased by the police. It opened the series beautifully and introduced the main characters to us. Now we are drawn to them. 

Here's what we think of the major characters we were introduced to

Khosi Hlatshwayo

It's great to see Bubu Mazibuko on our screens again. She's easily South Africa's most underrated actress. Khosi is a socialite, married to the new Minister of Environment. But their relationship is very strained. They don't even sleep in the same bed. Her relationship with her daughter, Ayanda, is very strained and we can't help but feel sorry for her. Her husband is cheating on her and she can't do a thing about it. But then after intercepting an sms from her husband's mistress, she realises that he's cheating on her with Rose. She's always suspected her. So she goes over to her place, to confront her. But she finds Rose dead. 

Jet Hlatshwayo

Hlomla Dandala plays Jet, Minister of Environment. Mr Clean. But he's obviously dodgy. The first scene he's having sex with his mistress while his wife is in the gym. Yet he gets the public to eat out of his hand. At a press conference he said he has an open door policy and they can come to his house at any time. How stupid. Of course his wife is going to be the one who gets to deal with people who took him literally. He's never home. She is. Now, what is he involved in? We know that there's a plot to kill the president, but how deeply involved is he and who are the players? What role did he play, if any, in Rose's murder? Mr Clean sounds like Mr Murky to us. 

Ayanda Hlatshwayo

It's welcome back to Dineo Nchabeleng. She's a feisty, pampered princess and would do anything to get daddy's attention- even be rude to her mother. She has her eye on their new bodyguard, but she's going to have to fight for his attention. A journalism student, she's soon made aware that she lives a different life than her peers and this will make her change the way she sees things. Should her parents be worried? 

Zweli Hlatshwayo

Played by Siyabonga Xaba, Zweli is the bullied mama's boy. He's 14. There's not much about him yet. But it wouldn't surprise us if he and Thato, the bodyguard, get close and he soon deals with the bullies. 

Thato Dhlamini

Played by Class Act alum, Yonda Thomas, Thato is very central to this story. He's the Hlatshwayo family bodyguard and it's obvious that he and Khosi will soon be more than client and service provider. But then where does that leave Ayanda? And is he involved with the plot to take down the president? Something that the deputy president said to Jet- "We look after our own." Who is WE? And what's Thato's link to them? 

Rose Bacqua

The beautiful and oh so talented Tango Ncetezo plays Rose. So what exactly is Rose transferring all the time? Besides the affair with Jet, she's almost always in front of a laptop clearly cracking some bank codes. And then she gets murdered. What's her story? Why was she murdered and her brother, Siya? Why doesn't she help him out? 

Siya Bacqua

The excellent Ronnie Nyakale is finally playing an underdog, Siya. The opening scene of the show sees him being chased and beaten by goons. Why? Well the little matter of rent money. He gets retrenched at work because of his asthma and after hearing Jet say his door is always open, he goes to his house and scares Khosi so much, they need to get a bodyguard. Now, why hasn't Rose helped out her brother? With her now being dead, will he uncover who killed her? I'm looking forward to see what the writers will do with this role. 

Nozipho Kunene

The deputy president of South Africa is played by Sthandiwe Kgoroge. She's definitely dodgy. Something about her doesn't add up. Why is Jet 'one of our own' who is the WE? And is she involved in the plot to assassinate the president? 

The supporting actors include Jerry Mofokeng, Sipho Ngwenya, Zakeeya Patel, Letoya Mangezi. It should be interesting how this 13 episode drama pans out. So far it's interesting and we are all about interesting shows.

Catch End Game on SABC 1 on Thursday a 8.30pm 

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