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Nicky Greenwall
Nicky Greenwall, who has a new show on e.tv, The Big Picture (Tuesdays at 9.30pm) has started a blog where she writes about her experiences at the big premieres, film festivals and also the Academy Awards. 

Most of the articles on the blog have been used by magazines, such as Glamour, before, but it still makes for interesting reading. 
We loved reading the post about the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, where Charlize Theron had a major billboard; her friend team bumped into Sean Penn and having to sneak in a camera at the press conference for The Changeling, where she realised just how beautiful Angelina Jolie is. There's more funny and interesting posts and we are certain there are going to be more. Like the behind the scenes on her shows, Screentime and The Close Up. That would be awesome. 

If you're a fan of Nicky and her work, you'll enjoy reading about her experience as one of SA's best entertainment TV journalists.

Here's an excerpt from the piece about the Cannes Film Festival:

DAY ONE – “Sean Penn Also Has To Pee”
Arriving in the tiny seaside village of Cannes is like traveling into a pop-up storybook. The buildings resemble oversized doll’s houses. Those that don’t actually have windows have them painted on – so it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. Three stories high above the bus stop where we are dropped off hangs a twenty-five foot portrait of Charlize Theron by photographer Peggy Sirota. She towers over us like a giant. We drag our equipment to our hotel, freshen up and head to the Palais to collect our accreditation badges. There are queues of people everywhere and it’s raining so it’s hard to walk down the street without jabbing someone in the eye with my umbrella. “Guess who I bumped into in the loo?” says Robin, once we’re reunited in the accreditation area. “Sean Penn!"
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