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OITNB Ladies Rock Vibe Vixen

Ehmahgerd! Don't the ladies of Netflix's Orange is the new Black look craze-mazing on the cover of Vibe Vixen? Their weird thing is, we may have been expecting this on Vanity Fair, but then, you know how they do (here, here and here). 

Anyway. The ladies of the hit prison show, dressed up in couture and looked amazing for the special Vibe Vixen issue on OITNB. The article is also very revealing and the writer, Nicole Brown, did a very good job of capturing the actresses thoughts about the show, its reception and their lives. 

Here are some are two of our favourite characters' questions and answers

Crazy Eyes- Uzo Aduba

Do you like getting glammed up?Absolutely, I love it. It’s so much fun. Who doesn’t like getting dressed up? I love relaxed, clean, with like a touch of funk. I always have to wear something kind of funky. Even if it’s super chic with clean lines, I love a cool hairstyle, funky piece of jewelry or really cool shoe.Crazy Eyes is already an iconic character—an introvert and extrovert at the same time. Are you the same way? I think my personality can be a bit of a blend of that. I think of myself as a centre free spirit. I love art; I love thinking, and books. I like to be spontaneous. My best friend was in Amsterdam working last year and a week before he was leaving, I found out, jumped on a plane and went there. I like to live life to the fullest and that’s what I like about Suzanne. She’s full throttle and no holds barred. She goes in.Perhaps the most memorable scene of Season One is when Suzanne defends Piper against her ex-girlfriend in the cafeteria. How much fun was it creating that moment?That’s a testament to our writers. We have incredible writers. Sian Header wrote that episode and did that continuation where Marco had written—the episode where we meet Suzanne. It makes sense that they call her Crazy Eyes because of the stuff that happens behind the eyes, but without any warning. That’s a great scene.

Sophia- Laverne Cox

How has the overnight success of Orange is the New Black changed your life?

My entire life is different. It’s been wild—people recognize me when I walk down the street, in bars and restaurants. It’s a good thing and I’m really excited. Right now I’m doing a college tour, speaking engagements, and the anti-bullying Spirits Day, which raises awareness against ending bullying against the LGBT community and different groups.
It looks like the role of Sophia was made for you.
I just auditioned! In August of 2012, I was at an event with my agent, who brought it my way. I was actually doing research on Cece McDonald, at the time. She’s a black trans-woman who’s in prison in Minnesota. I was trying to interview her for a show called In the Life, which lost its funding. Now I’m happy because I get to interview her. I think about her a lot during this journey. She was harassed walking down the street by people yelling anti-trans and racial slurs. A fight broke out and one of her tappers ended up dead, and she is in prison for it. I’m interviewing her for a documentary.
What do you think OITNB has done in terms of shedding light on the women’s prison system
It’s humanized a group of people who we are taught to think are disposable; people who don’t deserve basic human rights. In this show, we see these women are human beings with complicated stories. My hope is that the audience’s feelings for the characters on the show will translate to real women in prison.
Oh and how nice to see Vibe Vixen not have a video girl on the cover? So refreshing.

If you still haven't watched OITNB, I don't know what you're waiting for. Really. 

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