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Scandal's new actors

Howza Mosese, Peter Muruakgomo, Mothusi Magano
and Jerry Mofokeng have joined the cast of e.tv's

Is it us or is Scandal adding more actors to the show every month? Fiona Ramsay joined the cast in what seems like a month ago and now they are adding four. But that being said, one has to give props to them for always looking for the right talent- the talented, almost underrated actors that South Africa has to offer.

e.tv announced via a statement earlier this week that Howza Mosese (Generations, Backstage, Big Up, All You Need is Love, Bar One Man Hunt); Peter Moruakgomo (Ace in Generations), the amazing Mothusi Magano (Tsotsi, 90 Plein Street, The Lab) and the legendary Jerry Mofokeng (seriously? do you want us to name his shows?) have joined the soapie, which airs weekdays at 7.30pm. 

Here are their characters and what they'll be doing

Howza- He debuts tonight on the soapie and will play the role of Lerumo Chabedi, a bodyguard for an NFH/Secrets employee, Anzani. Lerumo is actually a policeman, an honest professional cop, proud but also a loner. He has no close friendships and he is damaged; hurt by his past and heritage.

Peter- Also debuting tonight, Peter plays Obakeng Rangaka, a senior salesman for a successful cleaning product company in Johannesburg. Obakeng is a divorcee who lives alone in Soweto. He comes to NFH to sell his products and soon finds love. 

Jerry- Bra Jerry plays businessman, Neo Mokhethi a crime lord in Gauteng. He has his fingers in many pies - drugs, money laundering, extortion etc. He was the fabled kingpin set up in previous stories with lieutenants like Shakes and Jafta. Even Daniel worked for him and still owes him. But the net was closed and Neo was arrested and is currently awaiting trial. However, he has many people working for him and will give him what he wants even though he is behind prison bars. Neo is ruthless in his underworld dealings, but presents himself to the world as a refined businessman - calm, reasonable and a man of distinction. Jerry debuts on the show on Tuesday, 19 November.

Mothusi- Mothusi starts appearing on the show next Friday, 22 November, and will star as an assassin, The Dustbin Man. He is a mysterious assassin who has connections to Neo. He is so called because he has a reputation for taking out Neo’s rubbish so that Neo never has to get his hands dirty. He is the ultimate professional and ruthless in his efficiency. He has become something of an urban legend in the underworld; his name mentioned in whispers and evoking fear in those who may be his targets.

It's good characters and with great actors fronting them, Scandal could be on fire. Finally there's someone to take Daniel on. 

Side Note: Can the writers write a good storyline for Masechaba? Thanks

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