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The Talk vs. The View

Sharon Osbourne, (the wife of Black Sabbath rocker, Ozzy and British The X-Factor judge) has declared war on The View. Osbourne and her The Talk co-hosts,  Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood, were on The Arsenio Hall Show and when Arsenio asked what the difference is between The Talk and The View, Sharon went crazy. 

Julie, who is the 'head' host and moderator, a role that is played by Whoopi Goldberg on The View, responded to Arsenio, saying: "We do not discuss politics, we do not debate...I always say The View has changed over the years as the players have changed."

But Sharon would have none of it. She interrupted Julie and said "Cut to the chase. Stop being polite. Cut to the f***ing chase... This is the situation. Barbara, idolize her, divine, she is superhuman, I love, but the rest can go f*** themselves." 

How ridiculous are Sharon's comments? Firstly we all know that The Talk is carbon copy of The View, just with less famous hosts. Secondly, The View talks about everything- from politics to entertainment. It's still frothy daytime TV, but it's so much better than The Talk. 

Let's hope that whatever was in Sharon's red cup, brought about this shocking comment. The ladies of The View, while I may not a fan of Jenny McCarthy, are actually good at what they do, especially Whoopi and I really hope they ignore this comment from her.

Peep the video below:

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