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Who will win Idols 2013?

Musa  VS Brenden

It's now really down to the wire- who will it be between Mpumalanga's Musa and Brenden? After the shock elimination of front runner, Sonke, it's now between the two talented, yet so different guys from Mpumalanga. Either way the Mpumalanga province will celebrate they finally have an Idol. 


Musa has been the most surprising Idols act this season. Not only have his song choices been surprising, but his voice just kept getting better as the season progresses. He has charisma and together with Sonke, they have been the one's who have shown immense growth in the competition.
But what has given Musa the edge over the other contestants (besides Sonke) is that he wasn't afraid to tackle South African songs. And maybe this is why he should win. He paid tribute to local musicians and reminded the audience that this is South African Idols and not American Idol. He should win for that alone. 

Here's our favourite performance by Musa singing a local song:


Brenden has been rather touch 'n go. He peaked very early, having an awesome audition, doing well in Sun City. Then came the Top 10 and he just fizzled out. Soon Sonke, Musa, Bunny and even Zoe were starting to upstage him. We all wondered what had happened to the golden boy, the one who was the one to watch this season? 
But he soon got back and starting picking great songs and actually performing them really well. 
He's done really well in pop songs- hell, he's the full package when it comes to being a Pop Idol, unlike Musa who will make an unconventional pop star if he wins. Brenden is the complete package and will be very easy to market. 
He can sing, even though he's not to everyone's taste. But he's talented. Not to mention his good looks (that got him the many fans in the first place). 

We loved it when he performed Zahara's Lengoma but we also loved it when he performed Miguel's Do You last week. Here's the video of his performance

Here's Musa and Brenden singing Same Girl by R Kelly and Usher during the Top4 week. 

So who will it be? Well, we'll see on Sunday and also on the finale on Tuesday who will get top honours and join the list as South Africa's next Idol.

Tune in on Sunday on M-Net and Mzansi Magic at 5.30pm and on Tuesday, same channels, at 7.30pm for the live results and finale show. 

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