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Why You Must Watch The Crazy One's

The Crazy One's starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar starts Thursday on 
M-Net. The comedy series, which was our cover story this past Sunday, is one of our favourites for this season and we know that you'll feel the same. Here are our reasons why you MUST watch The Crazy One's. 

1. Robin Williams is in it

Robin plays Simon Roberts, advertising mastermind and legend. But then age (and new advertising trends) are catching up with him and he's no longer the top ad exec he's always been. In the first episode, the agency Roberts and Roberts is about to lose their biggest account, McDonalds, unless they can convince them to stay with them.  Will Simon and his team be able to make them stay on? 
As per usual, Robin is really great in the role- we get the full Robin Williams treatment i.e: the monologues, the outlandishly crazy behaviour (like smelling hair, for good luck and rejuvenation) and he's funny. I love how his chemistry with Sarah Michelle and the other stars on the show, like James Wolk. 

2. Sarah Michelle Gellar

BUFFY! Well, not so much Buffy. But this is how we'd imagine Buffy to be like when she's grown and living in a normal world. Sarah Michelle Gellar (SMG) plays Sydney, Simon's daughter, his protege and creative director of the agency. It's good to see SMG back on our screens,  especially after the mess that was The CW's Ringer. What were they thinking with that show? Fortunately for us, SMG is at her best and when she heard that Robin was going back to TV, she apparently begged him to be on his show. 

3. A Great Cast

So besides Robin and SMG, there's Political Animals and Mad Men's James Wolk, Gossip Girl's Amanda Setton and The New Adventures of Old Christine's Hamish Linklater. James, who plays Zach, has excellent chemistry with Robin and their scenes were my favourite on the pilot. Zach is obviously the playboy character whose charm will be used to attract ladies. Finally there's a show that knows what to do with Amanda Setton, who plays Lauren. She's actually a good comedic actress, as we saw last season on The Mindy Project. And we all know how awesome Hamish (Andrew) was on Old Christine alongside JLD. He has a rivalry with Zach and it's always hilarious how they constantly want to one up each other. 

4. It's a great story

It's all about family. Robin is the eccentric father, with wild ideas. Sydney constantly has to put out fires (creative fires, that is). She's daddy's little girl to Simon, but Sydney wants to prove to her dad that she's now a grown woman. I've seen three episodes and I always get something that's missing from most comedies- warmth. In the end it's all about togetherness and family. I can surely relate and I think most viewers will. Plus the supporting cast makes it that much better. 

Another reason, which is only relevant for one episode- Kelly Clarkson guest stars!

Here's a snippet Kelly on the show- and how hilarious she is. 

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