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Demi Lovato leaves The X-Factor

Simon Cowell has confirmed that Demi Lovato is leaving the show. The X-Factor US judge has been part of the show since the second season and will now not be returning for the not as confirmed yet, fourth season. 
Simon Cowell took to Twitter last night to lay to bed the rumours about Lovato leaving the show to focus on her music. 

But is the show returning? Various TV news websites are reporting that sources at Fox say the might not even be a fourth season. It's no secret that The X-Factor is struggling ratings wise in the US (and in SA, when you think about it) and the constant changes may be the reasons why. All three seasons have had different judges. Season one had Simon, LA Reid, Cheryl Cole and Paula Abdul on the panel. Then Simon fired Cheryl and replaced her with Nicole Scherzinger, who was originally the host of the show. At the end of the season, Paula and Nicole were fired. 

Season two had Simon, LA, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato. LA and Britney left and Simon drafted Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio to join the third season panel. Now with Demi leaving at the end of the season, that's a FOURTH major change in FOUR seasons. There's also word that Simon might not be one of the judges next season. 

He tweeted a few hours ago about the fourth season... 

Let's see what's going to happen. But Kelly Rowland has been a gem this season and she should be staying on as the judge.  

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