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Meet Isidingo's new Charlie Holmes- Michaella Russell

Isidingo has a new lass in town- Michaella Russell, who replaces Jay Anstey as the troubled Charlie Holmes. She makes her debut on the show in early January. 

At the recent SABC Press Screening, which ended abruptly after news of Nelson Mandela's death, we were introduced to Michaella and I managed to steal her for a few minutes to talk to her about replacing Jay and what we have to expect from the new Charlie Holmes. 

Michaella revealed to me that Charlie still feels guilty about killing her rapist, Quinton. But then she’s also hasn't dealt with being raped. “There’s a mixture of guilt, regret, but also she’s trying to hide it from her dad and her friends,” Michaella said. She said that Eddie is happy to have Charlie back. "They have a very special bond, a much better relationship than the one she has with her mother. Or rather, smother," she said, laughing. 

There's also  a potential love interest for her and it’s not Benjamin Le Roux.  "It's someone that viewers are not expecting it to be. I really hope that viewers will love it and will also like my work on screen. Jay was a fantastic Charlie and now I just have to add more depth to her. I have my work cut out for me." 

Apparently Jay didn't know that her role was being re-cast. Not that we are surprised. There are some interesting things happening at Isidingo. Headwriters change as often as Rihanna's hairstyles and the executive producer, Pumla Hopa, is now apparently writing and directing most scenes. Their publicists have also been leaving Endemol and we've finally received word that e.tv's Dambisa Maqoga is joining Isidingo as their publicist. Let's hope that she stays. 

PIC: G3 Models 


  1. Its obvious she has a thing for the Sibeko kid.

  2. Gorgeous woman!

    1. Those fascinating eyes and nose topping that voluptious mouth .And the girl LIVES the role so her actting is SO BELEIVABLE. Her predecessor was a bit wooden.This girl is going to tthe top as this years TV and Acting awards I am sure will recognise.