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SAG Awards 2014: The Snub List

As with every award nomination announcement, most of us quickly scan who got nominated for their performance and then check who got snubbed. The snub normally gets us all outraged and with good reason.

Now, most always say that TV critics and writers are being hysterical, but what else can one do when some of the best shows and performances of the year are ignored by awards voters? 

The Screen Actors Guild awards is seen as one of the fairest awards ceremonies, awarding the true best performers every season, so it's always alarming when they get it wrong. 

Here's a list of shows and actors we think deserved a nomination

Tatiana Maslany- Orphan Black

It is us or does Hollywood have a problem with dear old Tatiana? She got snubbed by the Emmy voters and now by the Screen Actors Guild award voters. Her performance on BBC America's Orphan Black was one of the best of 2013. She convincingly portrayed seven different characters in the clone drama. HOW she was snubbed is a travesty. 

Orange is the new Black 

Netflix's Orange is the new Black was snubbed. OITNB was snubbed. It's unbelievable. It's one of the most glaring omissions and it makes us wonder if the voters actually watch TV. While we agree with the movie nods, it's the TV snubs that have us worried. The critically acclaimed series deserved an Outstanding Drama Series and also a Outstanding Ensemble Cats for a Drama Series. OITNB boasts the best ensemble cast for 2013 and it's a shame that it wasn't nominated.  

Amy Poehler and Parks and Recreation 

I think it's getting old that Amy Poehler still keeps getting snubbed for awards. Parks is one of the best comedy shows on TV and while it doesn't boast great ratings, it's longevity is proof that there is a need for comedy shows like it. Amy's performance as Leslie Knope is really impressive and she delivers all the time. We are never surprised when she's snubbed, but man, why nominate Tina Fey for 30Rock, which has ended, instead of Amy for Parks? She and Tina are hosting the Golden Globes. Will Amy get nominated then? 

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