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Updated: The TV Snitch 01 December 2013

In today's edition of the Sunday Tribune SMtv, Buhle Mbonambi's The TV Snitch column stated that Don Mlangeni (Nawa) had been fired by Isidingo. This is not true. 

We went with what other newspaper reports had reported and since we have to go to print early, the news that Mlangeni in fact was still employed by Isidingo came too late. We'd like to apologise to our readers about this. 

We do, however, still wonder what is going on with Isidingo. They have a new head writer, The Wild's  Rohan Dickson. He is replacing Liam Stratton barely six months after joining the show. Liam replaced Christian Blomkamp earlier this year. 
There are rumours of unrest, with some actors threatening to pull a Generations  by not signing their contracts. 

Their publicist, Lebo Thobye, left without any notice. We only received an SMS from her after she had left the soap. 

So we still are worried with the drama surrounding the soap and we can only hope that it will be sorted out soon. 

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