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What now for Homeland Season 4? Creator, Alex Gansa weighs in

Alex Gansa (right) with Homeland stars, Damian Lewis and Claire Danes. 
Ah Homeland. So they finally killed off Brody. Two seasons too late. But then who could blame them? Brody was a popular character and his relationship with Carrie Mathison was the pulse of the show. Even though it wasn't meant to be. 

The season 3 finale of the show brought along with it some surprising changes, which means that the fourth season will be a totally different show. Is it me or is Homeland taking its cue from American Horror Story? Not that it's a bad thing. 

Homeland creator, Alex Gansa, spoke to The Daily Beast  about the show's direction for the fourth season, which will air in October next year. Here is the excerpt from the interview, which is available here

Why did Brody have to die?His shelf life had expired. It was time. We spent a lot of hours in the story room figuring out what we could do with his character, and a lot of the emotional landscape had been crossed. We didn’t want to repeat ourselves.
Then we thought of this cool thing Saul could do with him to find political asylum in Iran and use that operationally. So it just felt like once he was in Iran, he wasn’t getting out of Iran—and his time was up.
A lot of viewers are very upset by Brody’s death. Some are saying that they are never going to watch again—that the show is over for them now. What do you have to say to them?That’s an individual decision for everybody to make about whether the series for them is over. And I would be the first to admit that that image of that star on the wall feels like a bit of a series finale, not a season finale. The question is how invested are you in the characters who are left standing? Do you want to see what happens to Carrie as a mother and as an intelligence officer? One of the great joys of Season 4 is going to be seeing Carrie actually do something she was trained to do, and that is be a case officer in a foreign capital somewhere.
It sounds like you have a pretty good idea of where you want to go in Season 4.This idea of seeing Carrie overseas somewhere feels great to us. But we haven’t convened a story room and I don’t know whether that idea will get any purchase. But look: she’s on her way to Istanbul and she’s eight-and-a-half months pregnant, so we have some big things to resolve.
It’s going to be a different series. We are going to reinvent. We’re going to reboot. And hopefully we can tell a compelling enough story to draw some of those people back.
But god: my heart goes out to all the people who fell in love with Nicholas Brody as a character. We shot that hanging sequence the very last day of episode 12. It was the very last thing we did in Morocco. We shot all night, and I must say, at 7:00 in the morning, when it was over and I gave Damian a big hug and thanked him for all his amazing work, I slunk off to a little courtyard and I cried.
What’s the worst mistake that Homeland has made? And conversely, what decision or moment are you most proud of?I’m going to let the mistake one just go by. It’s sort hard not to feel defensive about criticism, and for me to wade into that… Look, the Brody family has been a bit of a third rail. I guess I would say the biggest mistake we made, possibly, was giving Dana another love interest in this season. But that said, I think without it, that scene in episode 9 when she and her father were reunited in that motel doorway may not have had as much power as it did.
To read the whole article on The Daily Beast here's the link

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