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@Official_MissSA, @RoleneStraiuss, crowned @MissWorldLtd PLUS, what now for @MissUniverse? #SouthAfrica

Miss World 2014: Rolene Strauss. Miss Hungary and Miss United States were the runner ups.
PIC: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA
Congratulations are in order for our queen, Rolene Strauss, who won Miss World a few minutes ago. She is the first Miss South Africa in 40 years, to win the title. The last winner was Anneline Kriel in 1974. 

Miss World 2014: Rolene Strauss.
PIC: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA
Miss Hungary, Edina Kulcsar, was the runner-up and Miss United States, Elizabeth Safrit, came third. Miss Australia and Miss Englad rounded up the Top 5.

Judges included former Miss World winners- Agbani Darego, Kaine Aldorini, Zhang Zhii and Julia Morley. 

Ziphozakhe Zokufa
PIC: Leon Lestrade
When she won Miss South Africa, Strauss qualified for both Miss World and Miss Universe. Since she won Miss World, her runner-up, Ziphozakhe Zokufa, will now represent South Africa at Miss Universe 2015, happening in a few weeks time in the US. 

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What is wrong with you, @Official_SABC1? #XFactorSA

The X-Factor SA should have been the best show this show. It tried very hard every week, but it didn't reach it's full potential. And we blame SABC 1, writes Buhle Mbonambi. 

The X-Factor franchise is one of the most popular around the world. Along with the Got Talent show, it's almost always big news which ever country gets hold of the rights to screen the show. 

Host, Andile Ncube.
PIC: SABC 1/ The X-Factor SA
We were elated when word broke out that SABC 1 had secured the rights to stage the show in South Africa. Rapid Blue, the production company headed by Duncan and Kee-Leen Irvine, had purchased the rights to the show a couple of years back and had been shopping the show to the public broadcaster for some time. They could have easily gone to Mzansi Magic or M-Net for the show to be broadcast in those channels, but for it to be truly successful, they needed it to be on the biggest channel in South Africa and that happens to be SABC 1. 

So when the show was announced, with much fanfare, including entertainment industry style launches and parties. A great host in Andile Ncube and surprising choices in Arno Carstens, Zonke Dikana and Oskido as judges, yet we soon made peace with that. After the promise that the show will be the best thing on our screen this year, we expected the show to be fireworks from the beginning. Alas, it wasn't. 

There's a chance that the pool of talent on the show wasn't as great, especially in the beginning. However, having been to auditions, boot camp and the live shows, there were more than enough talented contestants to make the show a success. While the judges did make some questionable decisions (especially Zonke) there was enough talent on the show for it to compete with Idols which is the benchmark on talent shows in South Africa right now.

X-Factor SA mentors, Arno, Zonke and Oskido
PIC: SABC 1/ The X-Factor SA
It was a ratings success. For a 6pm on a Saturday, the show could have gotten more than 3 million viewers, however it's a weekend and unlike Sundays, where people are more relaxed and a preparing for work, Saturdays are a pretty hectic day. Yet if SABC 1 had a played a greater role in making sure the show was a success, including going on a PR blitz for the show, making sure that their contestants are featured on all their popular shows on sister channels, from the morning news and talk shows, Morning Live and Expresso, a Top Billing, Na Week and Selimathunzi feature. How about to tease the upcoming performances on another SABC 1 show, Live Amp? 

By not being involved, the channel basically made the show a damp squib, which is not only unfair to the talent on the show, but to the viewers. 

On the PR side of things, they let Total Exposure handle the publicity for the show, yet they didn't have someone from the company on hand during the live shows. There was nobody from SABC 1 on hand to assist whenever the media needed to interview contestants who had been eliminated after the show. Did the show even register to some of the SABC 1 PR people? It's disastrous the way they handled it.

The X-Factor SA Top 9 finalists
PIC: The X-Factor SA/ SABC 1
To make matters worse, they weren't at the finale last night. In what was supposed to be a moment of glory for them, they weren't even there. We expected to see all the SABC 1 head honcho's, like Maijang Sam Mpherwane (he was spotted in the audience, wearing a red t-shirt) and even SABC's Head of TV, Verona Duwarkah there. They should have been on stage during the final moment. yet they weren't.

Even at the press conference after the show, Mpherwane left for some private SABC party at the Hilton Hotel. Questions on whether the show will return for a second season, couldn't be answered because no one from the channel was there.

It's clear that SABC 1 didn't care much for the show. While it had great ratings (for Saturday) it didn't reach its full potential and the blame is lain squarely at the feet of SABC 1. 

Oh and, where were the Top 10 contestants of the show during the finale? :/

Shame on you, SABC 1, shame on you!

We speak to @Four_SA about their @The_XFactorSA win. Plus @OskidoIBelieve and @RapidBlueTV

Clear favourites, Four, win The X-Factor South Africa writes Buhle Mbonambi

Mentor, Oskido and Jethro, David and Steven of Four react after host, Andile Ncube (right) announced that they won the first season of The X-Factor South Africa. PIC: Rajesh Jantilal for X-Factor SA/SABC 1
Cape Town boy band, Four, was crowned the winners of the first X-Factor South Africa at a glittering finale, which saw a rare TV performance by Ladysmith Black Mambazo last night. The perennial favourites, Four, which consists of David Januari, Steven Lewis and Jethro Tait, won over the fans early on in the show.
The runner-up was Johannesburg’s Eliezer Hilmer while KwaZulu-Natal group, Iziqhaza came third.
“It was such a difficult show and every week we worked hard to stay on the competition and now that we have won, it’s unreal,” said Januari, still clearly in disbelief.

“We can’t wait to get into studio to work on our music. We performed our first single, I Do tonight and the response was great. We have about 18 or 20 songs that we have written and Sony Music can call us on Monday, we are so ready,” added Lewis.

Via Orlando... Four went sky high when they performed Dr. Malinga's hit song, Via Orlando.
PIC: SABC 1/ The X-Factor SA
 The group has performed some of South Africa’s top hits, from Beatenberg’s Rafael, Liquideep’s Fairytale, Dr. Malinga’s Via Orlando, amongst other hits like Sam Smith’s Stay With Me, Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend and Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful. They impressed fans from the very first show, drove girls wild and earned their place as one of the show’s most popular contestants. This was proven when they never made it onto the bottom two and finally winning the show last night.

They impressed many and proved their musical prowess when they took on Zahara’s Loliwe. Last night they also surprised many when they performed Uhuru’s Y-Yjukutja, a song that has absolutely no vocals or melody, yet they made it a proper song. They did the same with Via Orlando. And of course they were magic on stage, giving their all and impressing, especially with their dance skills. (Steven, you can move!)

A proud Oskido, who was their mentor, said that the boys had proven that they have what it takes to be on the show and go on and win it. “I told them that they will need to work hard and that they need to be humble. Now that they have won, I hope they realise the even harder work starts now. I’m looking forward to working with them in the near future.”

Oskdip embraces Steven Lewis of Four, while Andile Ncube, runner-up, Eliezer Hilmer and guest judge, Toya de Lazy look on.
PIC: SABC 1/ The X-Factor SA
He added that he hopes they surround themselves with the right people. “We have seen people in similar shows disappear after winning and it’s because they didn’t have the right people working with them.”

With a massive fan base, who call themselves The Fource, the boys have an interesting ahead, including dealing with fans who will surely throw themselves at them. “Oh man, it’s already started,” Tait, the introvert in the group said, laughing. “We have been sheltered while we were in the X-Factor house, but now it’s going to be crazy. But they are out fans and they have gotten us where we are, the winners of X-Factor SA!”

Duncan Irvine, the executive producer of the show said that he was happy with the show. “It exceeded expectations. I’m happy and proud of the show we put on since September. I’m ecstatic for Four. They have worked very hard and they have been rewarded for their hard work.” He added that the Sony Music Africa CEO, Sean Watson, was impressed with the group. “He said they are a phenomenal talent and he can’t wait for them to get into the studio.”

On whether there would be a second season of the show, Irvine couldn’t confirm if the show will return. “We would love for the show to return for a second season, but it’s not in our power. The SABC has to make the decision. We are currently in talks with them to see whether the show will be back next year.”

Would there be any changes if there is a second season? Irvine said: “Most likely, yes. Our task now is to evaluate the show, see what worked and what didn’t. We’ll look at the host, the judges and everything about the show.”
Would the show return to Durban? “Oh yes. If our partnership with the city and the KZN government continues, of course yes. I must say we were very impressed with Durban. The quality of the video, sound and lights people, the choreographer and the voice coach were very impressive. We would definitely comeback.”

Four after performign their new single, I Do. 
Picture: SABC 1/ The X-Factor SA
Irvine, with consultation from his partner and co-executive producer, Kee-Leen, couldn’t reveal any plans that Rapid Blue have, including new shows whose licences they have recently acquired. “There’s always something new, but we can’t talk about it right now, especially since there hasn’t been any confirmation from channels and they are not on air yet.”

Rapid Blue produce Come Dine With Me South Africa, SA’s Got Talent, Dragon’s Den South Africa, amongst others.

Four walk away with prices worth R750 000 – including a Sony Music recording and management contract and R300 000 in cash. 

This is Why @Official_MissSA @RoleneStrauss, will win Miss World 2014. Tune in on @SABC3 at 4pm

This is Why Miss South Africa 2014, Rolene Strauss, will win Miss World 2014

Buhle Mbonambi

Not since 1974 has a South African won Miss World. But that could change this afternoon when fourth year medicine student; Rolene Strauss vies for the crown in London.
Rolene is arguably the most popular Miss South Africa internationally, since Melinda Bam. One could even go on and state that she is the most popular since the 90s heyday of the Miss South Africa pageant when winners were almost always in the Top Five, as it was in 1991-1994 and 1997-1999.

A favourite of pageant bloggers, analysts and bookers, she is South Africa’s best chance of winning Miss World, in years. Plus she’s also the favourite for the Miss Universe contest, happening in January 2015, which is a rare position for any beauty queen to find herself in. As many pageant experts have stated, Rolene straddles the worlds of Miss World and Miss Universe perfectly- she’s strikingly beautiful, which ideal for Miss Universe; while she is also very intelligent and has a passion for charity, which is what Miss World is all about. While she faces stiff competition from some of the other favourites, India, England, Australia, and France,

We asked pageant expert and analyst, Andre Sleigh, owner of the Taipei based Eye for Beauty, for the reasons why Rolene Strauss should be crowned Miss World 2014.

Does Rolene Strauss stand a good chance of winning Miss World 2014?
Rolene is the best bet we've had in decades. She is (by far) the biggest favourite to win this year and she absolutely deserves it. Rolene is perfect for Miss World. She is exactly what the Miss World Organisation is looking for. Yes, she is gorgeous, tall, elegant, and exudes style, elegance, and sophisticated. However, even more important than that, she wants to work hard and make a difference. She has a strong social conscience and she is a perfect fit for Miss World's Beauty With A Purpose motto.

Why should she win the pageant?
I believe she should win because she is kind, caring, and compassionate. People describe her as selfless and absolutely pure. What you see is what you get with this girl. Win or lose, we will still hear a lot about her in the future.

What sets her apart from the other contestants that judges are looking for?
She just has this radiance that makes her stand out in a crowd. She exudes beauty, sincerity, kindness and that's before she even opens her mouth. Once you hear her speak, the deal is sealed. She is incredibly likeable.

Is Rolene one of the most popular Miss South Africa's in recent years?
We have many popular Miss South Africas and Rolene is definitely one of them. She has gained many fans during the year. Most of all, she embraces social media and people can see the amazing work she has been doing. I believe South Africans will remember her for years to come, especially if she wins Miss World.

SA's last Miss World was Anneline Kriel in 1974. Is it time for a South African Miss World?
It has been forty years since we last had a Miss World. It's time for South Africa to win the crown again. South Africa needs a positive role model. If Rolene wins, she'll inspire many young girls around the country. She is extremely committed to health and education and has been involved in worthy projects. She doesn't just smile and wave. Her Keeping Girls in School Project is also an amazing project which can change girls' lives.

Miss World will be screened on SABC 3 at 4pm 


Durban's Roxi wins @MasterChefSA #MCSA

We must admit that Siphokazi was our favourite on the show and we loved her so much, we even believed that she was going to win. But then she didn't- she lost out to Durban's very own Roxi and we couldn't be prouder!

Durban does it again! For the third time in a row! 

Congrats Roxi and what an amazing season this was! We now kind of wish that the MasterChef SA Celebrity edition wasn't happening- we love watching these amazing amateur cooks tackle some of the most difficult recipes and come out tops! 

***Press Release***

Roxi Wardman (26), the leopard print-wearing train driver assistant from Durban, tonight became South Africa’s new MasterChef in a dramatic live broadcast from the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, when she narrowly beat Cape Town domestic worker Siphokazi Mdlankomo (39) by a mere 8 points.

Sipho and Roxi went toe-to-toe for the last time in the MasterChef kitchen for a marathon three-challenge showdown, cheered on by their nearest and dearest and all of their fellow Top 12 contestants.

First up was the final Invention Test of the season, in which the two finalists had 90 minutes to prepare a restaurant-quality dish featuring quintessential South African food.

Sipho prepared traditional samp, infused in saffron and coconut milk, which she served with mutton curry and a bean and cucumber sambal and a banana sambal. Chef Benny remarked that it was cooked properly but a little over-salted. “I think using pressure cookers today threw you off, because you had no control,” he noted. Reuben and Benny each awarded Sipho 7 points out of a possible 10 and Pete only 6, which gave her a first round total of 20.

Roxi presented individual little boboties with traditional yellow rice and date and apricot chutneys as well as two sambals: quince, and onion and carrot. The judges loved the chutneys but they thought the bobotie was slightly undercooked and under-seasoned. Still, they each awarded her 8 out of 10 points, which put her in the lead with a total of 24.

The second round was a Dessert Mystery Box containing butter, self-raising flour, milk, cream, amasi, castor sugar, basmati rice, sultanas, eggs, geranium leaves, granadillas, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, fynbos honey, and white wine vinegar.

Sipho and Roxi had 60 minutes to come up with an impressive dessert using every single one of those ingredients in some way. “It’s my worst nightmare,” Sipho confessed. “I’m competing with the Dessert Queen.”

Roxi presented a lamington made with rice flour, along with a fudge crumble and a passion fruit and amasi granita, which earned her 5 out of 10 from Reuben and 6 each from Pete and Benny, for a new total cumulative of 41 points.

Sipho’s dessert was a crème patisserie tart with granola and a passion fruit and amasi sorbet, which earned her rave reviews, despite a slightly runny crème pat. “The sorbet – I can eat tons of it,” Pete noted enthusiastically. He and Reuben each scored Sipho 6 out of 10 and Benny 7, for a total of 39 points – just two points behind Roxi.

And for the third challenge the judges had a surprise for the two finalists, as well as all the other aspiring chefs in the kitchen – a “cook-off” alongside one of the world’s culinary legends: Chef Marco Pierre White!

Sipho and Roxi had to work alongside Chef Marco and follow his example step-by-step to cook a sumptuous dish of roast rump of lamb on the bone, with mussels in a white wine sauce.

“Once I start I will not stop,” Marco warned them. “You can ask me questions, but there is one thing I can promise you: I won’t always answer them.”

At the end of a nerve-wracking cooking session all four chefs judged the finalists’ finished dishes. Chef Marco thought Sipho’s lamb was slightly overcooked “but that doesn’t offend me,” he said. “She’s cooked her mussels well. She did a very, very, very good job.”

He was similarly pleased with Roxi’s effort. “I think her cooking of the lamb is very good,” he told the other judges.

The final scoring happened in secret and then the show crossed live to the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, where the final scores were revealed: 67 points to Siphokazi and 75 points to Roxi.

As South Africa’s new MasterChef, Roxi walks off with R500,000 in cash from Robertson’s, a brand new VW Tiguan, R100 000 worth of food from Woolworths, a trip to the French winelands for her and a partner, as well as a year’s worth of wines from Nederburg, and a glamorous five night stay at the Maia Luxury Resort and Spa in the Seychelles, courtesy of Tsogo Sun.

And Sipho also doesn’t go home empty-handed: she takes home R100 000, courtesy of Robertson’s.

PICS: Courtesy of Lisa Skinner


Who will win @The_XFactorSA? Is it @Four_SA, @IziqhazaSA or @MrECLH #XFactorSA

Only three remain and after Wandaboy Ngubeni was eliminated last week, it's now between Four, Iziqhaza and Elizier Hilmer

So, who has what it takes to win the show? 

Four (Jethro Tait, Steven Lewis and David Januari)

Why: The most popular act on the show, and have never been in the bottom two. Their mentor Oskido: “You’re easy to market; you already know what you want. Any label with sign you up. You’re the favourites to win.”
Best Performance: Loliwe by Zahara. They proved that they actually sing.
Their words: “We put ourselves under pressure every week to make sure that we make it to the next week. And now with the semi-finals and hopefully, the finals, it’s the last stretch.”

Iziqhaza (Mbongeni Mavuso, Khanyisa Mbuthu)

Why: They have an outside chance of winning, thanks to the popularity of Wandaboy and Four. However they have been consistent and have proven that they can sing a variety of genres.
Best Performance: Homeless by Ladysmith Black Mambazo.
Their Words: ““We have actually shown our versatility on the show. We’ve gone very far from our comfort zone- we did R&B, pop, rock- these are genres we never expected to do, especially since we have our own songs. But it’s given us invaluable experience.”

 Eliezer Hilmer

Why: Although he also has an outside chance, he is the dark horse of the competition and every week he’s proven just how much of a performer he is.
Best Performance: Redemption Song by Bob Marley
His Words: “I set out to win. I want to win. And if it’s in God’s will, I will win,” he said.

Catch the show on Saturday on SABC 1 from 6pm

PICS: SABC 1/ The X-Factor SA

As @The_XFactorSA comes to an end, we go behind the scenes on the show.

With only three contestants remaining in The X-Factor South Africa, it’s now down to the wire. Buhle Mbonambi goes behind the scenes of SA’s most watched reality show

It’s been six months since the search for South Africa’s next big thing in music started and this coming Saturday on SABC 1 at 6pm, we will find out just who it is that South Africa has chosen to be the winner of the first season of SABC 1’s The X-Factor South Africa.

As one of the most popular reality competition franchises around the world, with 43 countries currently boasting their own version, Simon Cowell’s The X-Factor is one of the most popular reality competition shows in the world. It’s second only to Cowell’s other reality competition show, Got Talent, which is currently in 58 countries.

It therefore wasn’t a surprise that Rapid Blue’s CEO, Duncan Irvine acquired the show for a South African market. “We have had the licence for the show for quite some time now,” he said on The X-Tra Factor, a behind the scenes show. “I tried to convince the SABC 1 for close to two years that they should get this show for their audiences. They were the best channel for it.” Numbers wise, of course it was the right channel. As of the latest TAMS ratings, it’s the most watched reality show in South Africa with just over two million people watching the performances and 2, 7 million people watching the results show. Yes. It’s bigger than M-Net’s Idols and chances are the winner will be more popular than recent Idol’s winner, Vincent Bones.

Executive producer of the X-Factor and Rapid Blue’s head of TV, Ed Worster is happy about the ratings and how people have received the show. 
“We are happy about our first season. We have great ratings too, which is always great. We are getting great feedback from viewers at home; the contestants also have a big following. That shows the show is a success,” he said.
“And what makes the show even better, is how involved the studio audience is. Every single performance gets an amazing response from the Durban crowd, which then urges the contestants to give their best on the stage, every time.”

What has made The X-Factor a success around the world (bar for the US, which cancelled the show earlier this year) is instead of the usual judges, the judges act as mentors and are responsible for grooming the talent for the show. Zonke Dikana, Arno Carstens and Oskido are the mentors for the local version of the show, with Zonke and Oskido the only mentors who still have acts ahead of the finale.
“It’s a competition between the mentors too and the way they have taken to it, while not as hectic as the UK version of the show, they are passionate about their acts and will defend them from the other mentors’ snide comments.”

X-Factor is a huge production, easily one of the biggest in South African TV at the moment. So it’s not surprising that there’s a hubbub of activity at the Olive Convention Centre when I arrive. At the time of the set visit, there were five remaining acts, each with their own treatment, plus another treatment for the collaborations they were going to going to sing. “It’s a mammoth task,” Ed confirms. “The crew needs to know every bit of information about the song, the choreography, the costume and styling so we can prepare the right lighting for the show. It takes a huge team to pull it all together, in the set time and we have done that.”

Aspects such as song choice, vocal coaching, wardrobe, and choreography are important for the show to be entertaining, and to also show the talent of the contestants. Each week there’s a theme, from the Great South African Song Book and songs with inspirational lyrics, to Top 10 hits and dance songs, the theme is a guide for the generally mood, song choice, styling and choreography. So the contestants will work with their mentors, then go into voice training with coach, Debbie Mari, before they see their performance outfit and do the fittings and then off to choreography. 

Kevin Ellis is the choreographer for the show and he works closely with the show’s creative director, Andrew Timm. The attention to detail is son important, that a simple twenty second entrance scene takes more than 20 minutes to rehearse. You could even see the contestants’ faces tense up- either because they are irritated with why it’s taking so long, or that they would rather be practicing their songs.


Ellis also handles the wardrobe and styling of the contestants, with Gareth Graves, which is where the sometimes the show gets it very right and some at times so wrong. Viewers were recently wowed when Iziqhaza group member, Khanyisa Mbuthu wore a white gown, stood on a box and graphics were projected onto the dress. Boy band, Four, are always impeccably dressed and well groomed, while Eliezer Hilmer and Wandaboy Ngubeni don’t set trends, but still look decent. However it wasn’t always good.

Eliminated contestants, Bubbles Mnomiya and Princess Mekoa have each faced backlash with their styling on the show. Bubbles was once styled as a fairy princess for the second live show and Princess once wore a Moulin Rouge inspired outfit. Both outfits were not suited to the sings they were performing and led to viewers commenting about their style in a negative way. During their session with Ellis, the remaining contestants were vocal about their outfits, what they wanted to wear and what they wouldn’t wear.
As Steven Lewis of Four said: “Our image is very important to us- it’s almost as important as the performance.”

Future of the Show
As the show comes to an end next week, it would be a shock if SABC 1 doesn’t commission a new season. The live shows have been some of the best entertainment on local TV this year and in a couple of years, it will surely be the biggest show in the country. Now is the time for Rapid Blue and SABC 1 to check what went wrong (the audience didn’t like the audition phase of the show), what worked (the six chair challenge is awesome and brings some drama to the show and Andile Ncube has been a great host) what didn’t work (the judges houses segment of the show didn’t show any mentoring) and most importantly- how they will make sure that the winner becomes a real player in the music industry. 

#Siphokazi Mdlankomo WILL win @MNet's #MCSA. This is why we think she will

Everyone is talking about Siphokazi Mdlankomo, the 39-year-old contestant on MasterChef Season 3. And with the show coming to an end today, Alyssia Birjalal gives the reasons why she will walk away the title tonight

What makes Siphokazi interesting is that she is a domestic worker from Cape Town and is out to prove that domestic workers are not second-class citizens and that their role in South African households should be held in equal regard to any other profession out there. 

Siphokazi, a pint-sized woman with an infectious laugh, was working full time for a family in Newlands, Cape Town, in a posh suburb at the base of the picturesque Table Mountain before entering the competition.

On her first day in boot camp, Sipho had to think on her feet when her original plan of making a consommé didn't work out, but she kept her cool and made a beautiful aioli to accompany her perfectly pan-fried angelfish. On the second day, she displayed an impressive skills base once again by making a succulent parma-wrapped chicken breast with cauliflower mash and provencale sauce.

As the weeks passed, Siphokazi displayed impressive skills and the judges quickly noticed that her talents lay in her vast knowledge of different cooking styles - from classic to modern - coupled with the ability to combine and balance flavours effortlessly.

1. She is a great cook and has managed to please the judges with most of her dishes.
2. She cooks hearty, simple and delicious meals.
3. She has a bigger vision insight, which is for domestic work to be taken seriously as a profession. 
4. She surrounds herself with cookbooks, magazines and cookery shows - hence her vast knowledge of food.
5. She keeps showing viewers that attitude is everything - it's her self-revealing honesty that's drawn viewers to her. 

Catch the show tonight on M-Net at 7.30pm 

#GoldenGlobeAwards: The TV Nominees

Kate Beckinsale,  Peter Krause, Paula Patton and Jeremy Piven  announced the nominees for the 72nd annual Golden Globe awards on Thursday, December 11. 

The Drama Categories

The Affair
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
The Good Wife
House of Cards

Clive Owen, The Knick
Liev Schreiber, Ray Donovan
Kevin Spacey, House of Cards
James Spader, The Blacklist
Dominic West, The Affair

Claire Danes, Homeland
Viola Davis, How to Get Away With Murder
Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
Ruth Wilson, The Affair
Robin Wright, House of Cards

The Comedy/Musical Categories

Jane the Virgin
Orange Is the New Black
Silicon Valley

Lena Dunham, Girls
Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
Gina Rodriguez, Jane the Virgin
Taylor Schilling, Orange Is the New Black

Louis C.K., Louie
Don Cheadle, House of Lies
Ricky Gervais, Derek
William H. Macy, Shameless
Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent

The Series/MOVIE/MINISERIES Categories

The Missing
The Normal Heart
Olive Kitteridge
True Detective

Martin Freeman, Fargo
Woody Harrelson, True Detective
Matthew McConaughey, True Detective
Mark Ruffalo, The Normal Heart
Billy Bob Thornton, Fargo

Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Honorable Woman
Jessica Lange, American Horror Story: Freak Show
Frances McDormand, Olive Kitteridge
Frances O’Connor, The Missing
Allison Tolman, Fargo

Uzo Aduba, Orange Is the New Black
Kathy Bates, American Horror Story: Freak Show
Joanne Froggatt, Downton Abbey
Allison Janney, Masters of Sex
Michelle Monaghan, True Detective

Matt Bomer, The Normal Heart
Alan Cumming, The Good Wife
Colin Hanks, Fargo
Bill Murray, Olive Kitteridge
Jon Voight, Ray Donovan

The Awards will be handed out on 11 January 2015 and will be hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler


SAG Awards 2015: The Film Nominees #SAGAwards

The nominees for the 21 Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were announced little over an hour ago. 

Here are the FILM Nominees

Outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture
"The Grand Budapest Hotel" 
"The Imitation Game" 
"The Theory of Everything"

Outstanding performance by a male actor in a leading role
Steve Carell, "Foxcatcher" 
Benedict Cumberbatch, "The Imitation Game" 
Jake Gyllenhaal,"Nightcrawler" 
Michael Keaton, "Birdman" 
Eddie Redmayne, "The Theory of Everything"

Outstanding performance by a female actor in a leading role
Jennifer Aniston, "Cake" 
Felicity Jones, "The Theory of Everything" 
Julianne Moore, "Still Alice" 
Rosamund Pike, "Gone Girl" 
Reese Witherspoon, "Wild"

Outstanding performance by a male actor in a supporting role
Robert Duvall, "The Judge" 
Ethan Hawke, "Boyhood" 
Edward Norton, "Birdman" 
Mark Ruffalo, "Foxcatcher" 
J.K. Simmons, "Whiplash"

Outstanding performance by a female actor in a supporting role
Patricia Arquette, "Boyhood" 
Keira Knightley, "The Imitation Game" 
Emma Stone, "Birdman" 
Meryl Streep, "Into the Woods" 
Naomi Watts, "St. Vincent"

The awards will take place on January 25, 2015 in LA. 

SAG Awards 2015: The TV Nominees

The nominees for the21st Annual Screen Actor's Guild Awards were announced a little over an hour ago in LA. 

Here are the TV nominees

Outstanding performance by a male actor in a television movie or miniseries
Adrien Brody, "Houdini" 
Benedict Cumberbatch, "Sherlock: His Last Vow" 
Richard Jenkins, "Olive Kitteridge" 
Mark Ruffalo, "The Normal Heart" 
Billy Bob Thornton, "Fargo"

Outstanding performance by a female actor in a television movie or miniseries
Ellen Burstyn, "Flowers in the Attic" 
Maggie Gyllenhaal, "The Honorable Woman" 
Frances McDormand, "Olive Kitteridge" 
Julia Roberts, "The Normal Heart" 
Cicely Tyson, "The Trip to Bountiful"

Outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series
"Boardwalk Empire" 
"Downton Abbey" 
"Game of Thrones" 
"House of Cards"

Outstanding performance by a male actor in a drama series
Steve Buscemi, "Boardwalk Empire" 
Peter Dinklage, "Game of Thrones" 
Woody Harrelson, "True Detective" 
Matthew McConaughey, "True Detective" 
Kevin Spacey, "House of Cards"

Outstanding performance by a female actor in a drama series(six nominees due to tie)
Claire Danes, "Homeland" 
Viola Davis, "How to Get Away with Murder" 
Julianna Margulies, "The Good Wife" 
Tatiana Maslany, "Orphan Black" 
Maggie Smith, "Downton Abbey" 
Robin Wright, "House of Cards"

Outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series
"The Big Bang Theory" 
"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" 
"Modern Family" 
"Orange is the New Black" 

Outstanding performance by a male actor in a comedy series
Ty Burrell, "Modern Family" 
Louis C.K., "Louie" 
William H. Macy, "Shameless" 
Jim Parsons, "The Big Bang Theory" 
Eric Stonestreet, "Modern Family"

Outstanding performance by a female actor in a comedy series
Uzo Aduba, "Orange Is the New Black" 
Julie Bowen, "Modern Family" 
Edie Falco, "Nurse Jackie" 
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, "Veep" 
Amy Poehler, "Parks and Recreation"

The 21st annual Screen Actors Guild Awards take place on January 25, 2015 in LA. 


Toya Delazy Stands In for Zonke Dikana on @The_XFactorSA #RIPLuluDikana

Toya Delazy Stands In As X-Factor South Africa Judge

South African pop superstar Toya Delazy will join fellow judges Arno Carstens and Oskido as a judge in this week’s episode of The X Factor South Africa, to be broadcast on SABC1 on Saturday, December 6, at 6pm.

Delazy will also be the guest act on the results show this week, which follows at 7.30pm, where the Top 3 will be revealed.

Delazy will be stepping in for Zonke following this week’s tragic passing of The X-Factor judge’s sister, Lulu Dikana.

Says Delazy: “Our thoughts and prayers are with Zonke and her family during this difficult time. She has been a wonderful mentor to her acts and I will do my best to fill her shoes and provide support for Wandaboy and Eliezer. We hope to do her proud.”

Says Zandile Nkonyeni, Head of PR: SABC TV Channels: “The SABC and The X Factor family send all our prayers to Zonke and her family. We thank Toya for agreeing to step in and join the judging panel and wish all contestants everything of the best ahead of Saturday’s show.”

Zonke issued a message through her management thanking people for all the messages of condolence that she and her family have received as well as sending her support and encouragement to Wandaboy and Eliezer ahead of this weekend’s show.

Issued by: SABC 1


Interview with @IdolsSA winner, @Vincent_Bones. PLUS we see where the other KZN #IdolsSA winners are at.

It’s mission accomplished for Idols winner

Mr Bones- Idols X winner. PIC: Cobus Bodenstein for M-Net/Mzansi Magic
Vincent Bones’s life has changed after winning the reality show. But will he be successful or vanish like his predecessor? Buhle Mbonambi spoke to him

As the confetti fell, the audience’s screams filling Carnival City’s Big Top Arena, Vincent Bones hugs Bongi Silinda and still in shock, starts singing his first single, Let Me Love. We can barely hear him as the fans scream louder. His fellow contestants run on to the stage to embrace him. Instead of sulking backstage, Bongi comes out and starts dancing to the song. Unathi Msengana runs up to give Vincent a congratulatory hug, while Proverb stands back and smiles. 

This was the scene on Sunday evening after Bones, 30, was voted the winner of Idols South Africa. Two days later he still can’t believe it’s happened. “I’m still trying to get used to it man.

The moment of truth: Proverb announces that Vincent Bones has won Idols X. Bongi Silinda was the graceful runner-up.  PIC: M-Net
“I still wake up having to remind myself that I have won. And I just realised that I’ve been in Joburg for four months – and how exhausted I am. But man, it’s been worth it.”
He said he was shocked when host, Proverb, announced his win. “I was surprised. Shocked. It was a tight race and Bongi could have easily won since she has such a big fan base. We were listening to the crowds screaming for us every week and there was no way to judge who was getting more screams. 

“Even during the nationwide tour. We just didn’t realise how much people loved us. We were never exposed to that. So when I heard my name, I just didn’t know what to do or what was going on. I was in a daze, I had all these guys, my Idols family, around me, the people screaming and all that confetti and lights on me. It was a surreal experience.” 
Most Idols winners think they have a chance at winning when they make the Top 10. Not Vincent.

 “I only started realising that I could actually win this whole thing when Lize (Mynhardt) was eliminated and it was just Bongi and I left. That’s when it sunk in. I won’t lie, I hadn’t even been thinking about winning – it was all about survival for me. I wanted to get to the final. And now I’ve won.”

But winning Idols (prizes close to R1.2 million) hasn’t been a ticket to the fast lane of the music industry. Usually the work gets harder and, as other winners have realised, being an Idols winner doesn’t guarantee success in the music industry.

With Khaya Mthethwa and Elvis Blue the only winners who have been extremely successful (runner-up, Lloyd Cele is also doing well) Bones has his work cut out for him.

“The plan is to work hard. Winning the show has opened up doors that were going to take a while for me to even knock on. It may look like everything is handed to Idols winners on a silver platter. It’s not true. You are given all the support you may need to make your career a success, but it’s ultimately up to you to use the platform and work hard to make sure that come next year, you’re not forgotten. 

“The funny thing is, I’m only the winner for a few weeks. Early next year they start looking for the next Idol. For me to just sit and wait for people to do things for me would be stupid. I’ve worked too hard to get here to stop now. The hard work begins now.” 

He’s ready to go to a studio to record his album. “I’m just waiting for the go-ahead. I’m raring to go. I’ve got the material already. I just need to sit down with the team at Universal Music and plan the album.” 

While on the show, we saw him perform very soulful songs. Is the album going to be all soul and R&B? “No way. I love soul music. It’s the root of all music and while I love it, I also don’t want to alienate people who are not fans of slow, soulful music. So while there will be soul songs, I’m going to have some dance songs, some pop.
“There is no way that I will box myself. It will be a well rounded album that will hopefully appeal to everyone.” 

He plans to work with director and composer Caiphus Semenya and Professor on one of his songs. “Man that will be a great day. I’m a fan of both gentlemen and being able to work with them on what will be a great dance song, will be a dream come true.”

He would also like to work with Bongi. “I had an amazing time singing the duet with her on Sunday. Our voices gelled. That was the first time on the show that I gave a performance where I wasn’t thinking about the outcome. We were in the moment and complemented each other well. That’s when I knew I would have to work with her soon.”

And former Idols? “Khaya Mthethwa, Musa and me on one track? That would be one classic love song man. I’d also love to work with Elvis Blue and Heinz Winkler. I’m versatile like that.”

But for now, he’s hoping for a moment to catch his breath and to rest. “I’m exhausted. I miss my family and it still doesn’t feel real that I have just won Idols. I feel like I always have to remind myself that the competition is over. That I won it. Mission accomplished.”

Vincent Bones is the third Idols winner from KwaZulu-Natal. Jason Hartman and Khaya Mthethwa are former winners. 

Jason Hartman
After a voting glitch that had Sasha Lee Davids declared the winner, Hartman was named the eventual winner four days later when it emerged that he had actually received 200 000 more votes than Davids. They then both became the winners of the fifth season. 
Hartman was popular for about two years, even trying his hand at acting, before he disappeared into Idols South Africa winners oblivion.

Khaya Mthethwa
He is one of the most popular and  successful winners. Mthethwa has won major music awards – Metro FM Music Award, a Channel O Award, a Crown Gospel Music Award and a South African Music Award. He recently released his second album, The Uprising, which has gone gold. Mthethwa presented a gospel music show on Mzansi Magic and a few months after winning Idols, he was chosen as mentor for the first season of Clash of the Choirs, winning against more established musicians.