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Are the 2 Broke Girls crude jokes funny?

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as Max and Caroline in 2 Broke Girls
We came across a piece on The Wrap about 2 Broke Girls, listing the various complaints that Americans have made to the government about the show. 

According to The Wrap, many American viewers of the CBS comedy series, have complained about the show's inappropriateness to the Federal Communication Commission.
Some of the complains include:
  • Sexual language and obscenity, indecent exposure. Dancing strippers, the use of the word "head", and other appalling images and language far from appropriate for public broadcast.
  • I was shocked to hear the term "bitch" used twice and so loosely in a prime-time show when children could be watching.
  • Blonde woman said she needed "nine hours" (of sleep). The brunette woman said she needed "nine inches."
  • The entire 2 Broke Girls show was vulgar and profane, and I do not believe appropriate for prime time. I encourage you to 
  • watch the entire segment, as well as previous episodes. Strong sexual emphasis and explicit language is some of the worst 
  • ever in this time slot. I have never filed a previous complaint, but this one is just too much for 7:30 p.m. on a weeknight.
  • This show used "vagina" four times and "freckled penis" twice. I consider these usages to be obscene, and do 
  • not want this show to be viewed by my or other children. Please fine them and get it off the air! Thank you.
  • It has happened on previous programs also, however last night ( 10/31/11) the reference to Penis, Vagina, and Ass were 
  • blatantly crude and unnecessary for plot development and time the show aired.
  • The '2 broke girls' were in a scene looking for a lost earring. They were smashing up cupcakes and began calling each other 
  • BITCH. One girl used the word "Bitch" as an insult to the other girl at the end of a sentence. So, in reply, the other girl 
  • replied "YOU BITCH!" My 3 year old stopped what he was doing to watch because he's not heard that word before. I turned 
  • off the TV. Since when is it okay to use the word BITCH on TV during prime time?
  • I am getting very annoyed at the continuous sexual innuendos on this show. at almost 2-3 per minute, it is really getting hard 
  • to watch this program.

These are just a few of the complaints and most of them refer to the unnecessary use of sexual innuendo that does nothing for the storyline except deliver cheap laughs. The show has been dogged by other complaints especially those about racial matters- the treatment of the Han, the Chinese manager of the diner that Caroline and Max work in. various TV critics have written about their discomfort watching the show. 
The Hollywood Reporter's Tim Goodman wrote in a 2011 article titled: "The Sorry State Of 2 Broke Girls: Racism and Lame Sex Jokes"
2 Broke Girls continues to trot out the character of Han Lee (Matthew Moy), the Korean immigrant who runs the dive diner where the two broke girls in question, Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) work.
Never mind that there’s already been a joke about him being Chinese, or that one joke had him changing his name to Bryce Lee so that the writers could get that Bruce Lee joke in – the writers being no strangers to lame and obvious punch lines – but each week Han’s broken English gets played like some sorry minstrel show (oh, yeah, there was that whole karaoke thing, which seemed like yet another reason to mock Han’s language and point out how funny the letter “r” sounds when you’re fresh off the boat).
In one episode, when Han got a new iPad, he said “Spread the words.” To which Max said, “Word.” And guess what Han did – step aside from the neon freight train of obviousness – he said “Word!” like it was a rap thing.
Every time Han gets to say something on 2 Broke Girls, the undercurrent is that it’s funny because it’s broken English. Plus he’s really short and geeky and non-sexual (there may have been other stereotypes to plop on top of him, but maybe creators Whitney Cummings and Michael Patrick King thought too much was enough, which would certainly stick with the general theme of the show). In any case, what CBS is doing every Monday night is trotting out one of the most regressive and stunning racist devices a network has produced in five or more seasons.
While some may say that those Americans who complained about the show are too conservative and could easily flip the channel, their complaints are valid and that's one of the reasons why we stopped tuning into 2 Broke Girls. Both Beth and Kat are solid actresses and they deserve better. This should be a call for creators, Whitney Cummings and Michael Patrick King to look into the show's script and the show's direction. While the show may be popular, mainly because of the characters and the great cast chemistry, the script leaves much to be desired.


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