What's Happening?


How do you solve a problem like StarSat?

... is it even possible? We doubt.

We all remember when Star Times rescued On Digital Media's TopTV last year, we had hope. Finally subscribers would get their money's worth, get new content and all the issues will come to an end. Alas, it was not to be. Instead it feels like the complaints and problems are rising instead of coming to an end. 

StarSat has cancelled TLC, Smash Hits! and more popular channels. These are channels that were first launched on TopTV and TLC was one of the channels that DStv subscribers really wanted and convinced DStv to acquire it. So cancelling the channel is a very bad move and sadly there is nothing to be done. 

The constant changes are not working for StarSat and no company should be dealing with complaints from unsatisfied subscribers, every single day. And these are not small problems. Technical and content problems are a big part of the things that make many StarSat viewers upset. 

StarSat has realised these problems and to calm their subscribers, they released a statement on their Facebook page.

*** Press Release***

Pay television platform StarSat acknowledges recent technical challenges faced by subscribers and wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused. StarSat would like to reassure its loyal subscribers that the majority of these technical issues have since been resolved.
The technical difficulties have been largely the result of the migration process as TopTV upgraded to StarSat. This involved a shift from a single transponder to multiple transponders which although intended to enhance viewer experiences with the addition of more channels, has regretfully resulted in subscribers not receiving certain channels, signal delays, as well as technical dropout.
Those still experiencing difficulty in accessing some or all channels should contact the Call Centre on 086 0860 STAR/7827 or SMS their contact number and ID number to 40003. 
StarSat will cover all costs relating to a technician’s visit - should this be deemed necessary. 
StarSat would like reiterate its commitment to its subscribers, and once again thanks customers for their support during the transitional period.
Is there ever going to be a change? 


  1. The afirmation in the press release that "This involved a shift from a single transponder to multiple transponders which although intended to enhance viewer experiences" is not true, TopTv has started with 3 transponders in May 2010 with following downlink frequencies: 12525 MHz, 12645 MHz and 12685 MHz. In October 2012 they switched the three transponders to new frequencies: 12341 MHz, 12380 MHz and 12418 MHz with improved signal strength. This swich took place seamless, almost all receivers in the field have found automatically the new frequencies. In the autumn 2013 they have activated a new transponder on 12265MHz. This also took place without problems. It means that they had 4 active transponders on the 20 December 2013 when the technical problems started! All this changes were documented at that time on lyngsat.com
    On the 20 december and the following days they have activated aditionally to the 4 existing transponders a fifth one on 11785 MHz and changed the frequency of 2 existing transponders: 11938 MHz and 11977 MHz (instead of 12265 and 12418 MHz). I don't know the order and the exact date of these operations because of the outage, but I really don't understand the reason for changing the two frequencies as the older were better protected against interferences caused by crosspol.

  2. We hate star sat. We abhor hd services of star sat consultants.they r not friendly or helpful at all. There is NOTHING "STAR" about ths new company that has taken over frm Top Tv. Im so frustrated right now. Y did top tv hav to have to change :(

  3. More than a year later . . . and we still have technical dropout, occurring with ever increasing regularity.

    I've subscribed for one (1) channel only [ Classica / 332 ], because this is the only 24/7 classical channel available, and I still can't watch anything without frequent interruptions.

    If only Dstv would take over 'Classica', they will immediately gain me as a new subscriber.