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Kenny Kunene is Comedy Central's new Roastee

Kenny Kunene: Liker of Things 
#TheRoastofKennyKunene- it sounds better, doesn't it? Leon Schuster may be a polarizing character, but most people are not fond of him or the movies he makes. Most of the roast jokes would have ended up racial and that would have taken the fun out of it. Thank goodness his doctor told him he needs some bed rest! 

Now Kenny Kunene- THIS will be a fun one! He's easily the most flamboyant person is South Africa and here are the reasons why he's perfect for the Roast!
  • People actually like him. They like him better than they like Leon Schuster, that's for sure. He may be ridiculous at times and at worst, polarizing, but when you think about it, there will be better, more suitable jokes, rather than awkward jokes. Besides, the Comedy Central Roastee is normally someone people like
  • He's controversial. Whether it's his new money vibes, his penchant for nyotaimori, or wearing two watches, he is one person who will be mocked relentlessly for some of the ridiculous and controversial things he has done. 
  • He had a reality show. Granted, it was one of our guilty pleasures. Only Kenny Kunene can give a motivational speech at a club! Like seriously? Also remember Zar? Well that shut down! 
  • He had a harem! 16 girls all loved Kenny Kunene! Seriously? It's ridiculous! He is living the life.
  • He's a politician. Hahahahahahahaha
  • He's a DJ. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • He's been to jail. (Okay, not funny, but prison jokes could be funny if told correctly)
There are many more reasons and we could go on for days! 

Now let's suggest some of the Roasters
  • Eda Rose: Social climber and celebrity hanger on. And ex-girlfriend.
  • Gayton MacKenzie: His best friend and confidante and also his politics mate. 
  • Anele Mdoda: She tells it like it is. She aint scurred of nobody! 
  • Khanyi Mbau: Did they date or not? Plus she also needs to be roasted
  • Loyiso Gola: Comedian who doesn't like nonsense. 
  • David Kibuka: Funny man who also doesn't like nonsense. Tag team effort would be so cool.
  • Gareth Cliff: He's rude, obnoxious. Why not let him Roast Kenny and then he must also be roasted? 
  • Julius Malema: Former friend and politics buddy. Kenny dumped Malema's EFF and starting his own party. Betrayal always makes for interesting viewing! 
Roast Master: 

This is a tough one, but only one person deserves it and that's Tumi Morake! 

But we'll see who does what on 28 April 2014 on Comedy Central! Fun times ahead! 

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