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Odd show of the year (so far): Best Funeral Ever

*sigh* We recently came across TLC's Best Funeral Ever and we actually have no words. We didn't realise that they could go even lower than they have before. 
How does one even begin to describe what Best Funeral Ever is about? I don't think we can. But maybe the press release TLC sent can:
TLC Parties with the Dearly Departed
For most of us, death is a time to mourn and shed tears for the departed. For others, it's a time to honour their loved ones and celebrate the life through services that reinvent the traditional funeral. Earlier this year (2013), TLC introduced viewers to the Dallas-based Golden Gate Funeral Home where John Beckwith Jr. and his staff organize the most unique funerals in the country, called home-going celebrations. The premiere of TLC's Best Funeral Ever became a pop culture phenomenon and a trending topic on twitter. The pilot averaged 1.5M P2+ viewers and ranked #2 among all ad-supported cable in its Sunday 10-11pm time period among W18-34. 
No expense is spared as Beckwith and his team creates memories that will last forever. Starting with the deceased's occupation or passion in life, the Golden Gate staff works with the families to create a central theme for a memorial and then elevates it to an unforgettable party. The end goal is to create a celebration as unique as the person they loved with an equally unique party.
Sooo. Let's get this straight. There's a TV show about the Golden Gate Funeral Home which basically throws funeral themed parties instead of the traditional funeral. Not that there's anything wrong with that, like people can totally do what they want to- after all it's their funeral. What we are trying to get is why would anyone want to watch this? It's not like it's a news-maker's funeral, like say Nelson Mandela or Diana, Princess of Wales- it's ordinary people! 

Yet as with every other TLC show, Best Funeral Ever is popular and here are some tweets that show just how popular it is:

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