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Shonda Rhimes spills the beans on The Fixer

Gladiators: It's back! The Fixer is back for a third season tonight on M-Net and yesterday we ran an article where series creator, Shonda Rhimes spilt the beans on what to expect this season. 

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The Fixer creator Shonda Rhimes spills the beans on things you should know about season three

With Olivia’s name out there as the president’s mistress, both the White House and Pope & Associates face their biggest scandal to date

The Fixer won’t miss a beat when it returns for its third season tomorrow on M-Net at 8.30pm. When Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope goes back to work, only 22 minutes will have passed between the second-season finale and the start of its third run, meaning the mystery of who outed DC’s best fixer as being President Fitzgerald Grant’s mistress will still be top of mind for everyone.

Additionally, look for Rowan (Joe Morton) to return as Olivia’s father as the Gladiators in Suits will now be tasked with “handling” their employer’s personal problems – a rarity for Olivia Pope & Associates.

Showrunner Shonda Rhimes and stars Washington (Olivia), Tony Goldwyn (Fitz), Bellamy Young (Mellie), Darby Stanchfield (Abby), Katie Lowes (Quinn) and new series regular Scott Foley (Jake) preview what’s to come when the fast-paced drama returns. 

“Season three begins with a tsunami, like this explosion that completely floods the White House,” Goldwyn warns. Below are things to look forward to. 

1 “Olivia, with these two bombs of her name being leaked and her dad showing up, has a lot to navigate,” Washington says of Olivia’s incredibly complicated personal life right now. “You’re going to learn a lot about Olivia’s past; it’s really shocking.”
2 While Olivia ended things (again) with Fitz in the season-two finale, the former couple will look to navigate their new and very public “relationship” now they’ve been outed in the season-three opener. “That is going to pose an interesting challenge for them that we’re going to see them try to deal with in the first episode back,” Rhimes says.
3 Who outed Olivia as Fitz’s mistress? Look for that answer to come in the premiere. That reveal will serve as a springboard for the first half of the season in the same fashion that Quinn Perkins’s true identity did in the sophomore season starter. All eyes naturally are going to be on Mellie. That typically would mean that Rhimes will likely go anywhere but the obvious. 
4 Also a suspect? The ruthless Cyrus (Jeff Perry), who has been known to play both sides when it comes to protecting the president. 
5 Fitz’s re-election is on the season-three menu. “We’re going to head in that direction, but I don’t know if we’re going to get there in the first half of the season,” Rhimes says. “But we are heading in that direction. It’s a big deal. We’re at the timeline where that starts to be an issue.
6 Fitz’s priorities are (still) skewed. “We’re in a deep disastrous mess in the White House, and somehow we’re going to have to figure out how to try and save Fitz’s presidency, but that’s maybe not Fitz’s No. 1 priority,” Goldwyn says. “A lot becomes clear in episode one – and what we find out is pretty shocking.”
7 While Fitz has always had Olivia in his corner to fix anything and everything, Rhimes wants Mellie’s “fixer” – John Barrowman – to return. 
8 How long will Jake be stuck in the hell hole? A bearded Foley was sworn to secrecy but previewed that when – and OK, if -- Jake does get out of his B613 purgatory, he will be a changed man.
9 Lowes warns that Olivia’s outing will impact everyone at OPA differently. “Every single Gladiator in the office has to question whether or not, again, they’re on board or not. It makes everyone ask themselves whether or not they support this or don’t support this, and how to fix it and how not to fix it. It causes a lot of conflict.”
10 Flashbacks, flashbacks, flashbacks. Some of The Fixer’s best episodes have come when Rhimes and company put their lens on the characters’ often-unexplored back stories, and season three will likely feature more of the Gladiators’ histories. 
11 Abby and David, Round 2? “In the first couple episodes, there’s something around the corner for Abby and David,” says Stanchfield. 
12 Also, keep an eye out for Lisa Kudrow who makes her way to the fast talking hit series this season. She’ll be playing Montana congresswoman Josephine Marcus who’ll be running for president against Fitz. – Supplied

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