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Somebody call the 90s- V-Mash and Nestum are BACK!!!

V-Mash during her Jam Alley days on SABC 1


Iyo, bangani, iyo!!!!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 your time is over ssssoooooorrrryyyy, BHU, k'cim' iibani! 

Okay, we understand that that made little to no sense to some of you, but we were just remembering the fun times when the 90s were king of V-Mash was Queen of Everything! 

V-Mash is back on our screens on Mzansi Magic Music's new show, PLS Call Me. Mzansi Music just released a statement about the new music video show. The former Jam Alley presenter and actress, real name Vinoliaj Mashego, will be co-hosting the show with Nestum of Jam Alley and Abashante fame, together with comedian, Pule Welch. The show will be on our screens from Monday at 3pm. Even better is that it's a LIVE show and we all know how excellent V-Mash was when presenting a Live show. Nestum too. 

Co-Presenter Nestum: “I am excited to be back on TV after a very long  time. Landing this presenting gig came as a surprise to me, I could not believe it when I got that confirmation call. I am honoured to be a part of this interactive show. I cannot wait to start!,” 
In the statement, V-Mash said she's happy that she's back in the entertainment industry.  “I am very excited and at the same time thankful to God that my prayers have been answered.I am happy to be given a second chance to revive my life.When I received that confirmation call I did not believe and I did not know what to say, I did not even scream. I am overwhelmed by the honour to present the show .Viewers must know that energy and entertainment at its best  is back on their screens." 

What V-Mash looks like now. 
We are happy to have her back too. She's fallen on very hard times this past decade, going from the most famous woman in South Africa, even during the height of Brenda Fassie's fame. She was using drugs, an alcoholic and everything that could go wrong, did. But we can;t help but wonder if she still has the magic or was it someone taking pity on her? I guess we'll have to see on Monday. 

Now how will the show work and different is it from all the other music video shows in the country? Here's the rest of the press release to make some sense of it: 

  • During the LIVE show, viewers  will send a  “please call me” message to the number 060 473 6260 and our dynamic trio will call them back giving the viewer an opportunity to make a dedication and request any music video they desire!
See? It's simple. Now let's hope that they've done promos for this show so it can work. If people don't know about it, it won't work. It really needs the viewer interaction for the show to be a success. 

But we wish them all the best! 

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