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StarSat loses yet ANOTHER channel

Is there anything that is going well with StarSat? Instead of getting more (and new) channels, it's instead losing channels, the latest one being KidsCo. 

In a statement released by On Digital Media and StarSat, the kids channel has been discontinued in February. Here's the press release, below for more details:  

*** Press Release***

Pay television  StarSat (previously TopTV) announced that the KidsCo childrens channel will be discontinued at midnight on 13 February 2014. This is as a result of  a decision by the channel’s owners to stop producing the channel.  

StarSat is currently in the process of sourcing a replacement children’s channel, since the broadcaster is cognisant of the need for good children’s content on the platform. 

This is so irritating! What is wrong with StarSat? Why do they keep losing channels? And the reason they gave is not really making much sense. *sigh* It must be so frustrating for StarSat subscribers. 

This GIF of Alicia Florrick expresses our frustration with the channel. 

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