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Survivor Champions Episode 2

How did you guys like the new Survivor: Champions? And what did you think of the first episode? Are you #TeamFish or #TeamKrige 

Anyway, the second episode airs today and here's what you can expect:

 ***Press Release***
In the first action-packed episode of Survivor South Africa: Champions,  Mark Fish's Utara tribe won the first Immunity challenge when muscle-man Solly secured  his team's victory in a ferocious neck-and-neck battle. So, by not nabbing the coveted Immunity Idol, Corne Krige's Selatan now have to go to tribal council. Who will be the first Selatan castaway to be sent home? Will the team go with their leader's recommendation to get rid of the weakest members first? But, who are the weakest members; and how do you fight back if you know that you're not part of the "elite" group in the tribe?
To complicate matters, the two captains receive confidential treemail that might put them – and some tribe members – in a condundrum. 
"This week's episode lays the foundation for many of the surprises awaiting viewers later in the series, "says M-Net's Head of Publicity, Lani Lombard. "You'll get to know the characters a little better and will get a taste of how willing they are to back-stab and connive in order to stay in the game. And we're not only talking about Selatan. There are also some interesting developments at camp Utara."

Catch it tonight on M-Net at 5.30pm. Not at home and you don't have PVR? Well catch the repeats then Mondays at 22:30, Tuesdays at 09:30am, Wednesdays at 08:30 on M-Net and Saturdays at 13:00 on M-Net Series Zone.

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