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The Jeff Probst Show- A Review

SABC 3 has finally gotten the rights to air The Jeff Probst Show. Hosted by Survivor host, Jeff Probst, the talk show sees Jeff talk about everyday issues, from relationship issues to interviews with people who have gotten away with faking their way through life. 

Here's a review done by The Hollywood Reporters' Tim Goodman. 
The Jeff Probst Show: This is the longest of all shots in daytime because almost nobody in the daytime universe knows who he is. That’s not just a cheap joke; it’s the biggest obstacle and fear of the people presenting the show -- and it should be because not everybody watches Survivor, which Probst has hosted since its 2000 premiere. 
There’s no real clear mission statement to The Jeff Probst Show, or at least one that was graspable, but it appears he wants you to live in the moment, say yes to risks (for rewards) and live your life out loud. He is extremely earnest. So much so that you almost believe him when he says he wants to be a talk show host to change lives or whatever. That might be true. But the better bet is on wanting to be more famous, wanting to make money, wanting to prove he could do it, whatever. Just a small professional judgment there. 
And while Probst has the steepest odds, don’t count him out if people actually decide to tune in or land there by mistake while they’re trolling for Steve Harvey. His earnestness is, in fact, likable (so, so rare). If you give him an hour, he might talk you into watching again. He’s not going to go out without spilling all of his adrenaline. But the show lacks real focus. He started with a young woman who has cancer. Not had cancer and then got better but has cancer and is making the most of the time she has left. That seems to tick a box in daytime, but you might not build the foundation with it. Probst asked the courageous young woman what it was like “now that you have this crazy opportunity to live life very differently than a lot of us do”; hopefully he won’t phrase it quite like that in the future even if he marvels at people’s can-do pluck. 
Of all the sets, his seemed the most random, as if the camera could come from anywhere or if what he really wanted was one of those Survivor tribal council scenes but was talked out of it but nobody could match his vision quite right. Also, the premiere was a little awkward in that Probst had to acknowledge just who he was and what he was about, but there was too much telling and not enough showing. 
Probst is not your typical daytime talk show host, and that seems to be the hook -- just not a very catchy one. Wish him some luck.
We agree with Goodman and after watching the first episode, we have decided that he is trying too hard to please. A question we ask ourselves is what is he adding to the daytime talk show genre? really nothing. Now if only he'd have former Survivor contestants to talk about their experience after the show, the show would have been so much better.  

Think you'll like it? Tune in on SABC 3, weekdays at 1.55pm  and on M-Net Series Reality (DStv 114) on weekdays at 11:15.

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