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Barack Obama loves TV

True Detective and Game of Thrones are apparently US President, Barack Obama's favourite shows currently. He loves them so much, he apparently requested advance episodes from HBO, the cable channel that screens them in the US. Plus, he's a fan of Netflix's House of Cards! We also know that he's a fan of Showtime's Homeland. 

Now who would have imagined that Obama has time to watch TV, nor that he was a TV fan boy who also cannot wait long enough for the shows to air on TV? And the quality shows he watches? Really cool. 

But I hope he doesn't get them. That would really be unfair and just because he is the ruler of the free world, doesn't mean he should be getting episodes of our favourite shows before the whole world. At least True Detective and House of Cards are on now. Obama getting advance episodes of Game of Thrones would be so unfair. 

On a side note, have you ever wondered what kind of shows President Jacob Zuma watches? Does he watch soapies, like Generations and Isidingo? Or is he a fan of Isibaya? Does he also like shows about politics, like 90 Plein Street, House of Cards? It would be interesting to find out what kind of shows he watches. Maybe sending an email to the Presidency would not hurt now, would it? 

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